@herzmut I also love the part where it says, "Travel Alternative: Your [B][S] stops here" (with "B" and "S" looking like train line symbols).

@pascoda @herzmut I also love the instructions in the lower-right corner on when to remove the poster:
"When everyone has equal rights regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status."

@trisschen @herzmut
aw, I wasn't able to read that - thanks for pointing it out! :rainbow_heart:

@trisschen @pascoda @herzmut

It's a wonderful poster. Although it still hurts when people can't tell verbs from pronouns.

@trisschen @pascoda @herzmut Something tells me it's gonna be a really long time before that clause is fulfilled.

@RachaelAva1024 @pascoda @herzmut and something also tells me those posters won't stay up that long, yea :/

(though in a way that last part isn't necessarily completely bad as they eventually would just become boring and be overlooked)

@Hyolobrika Nobody decides for me who I am. Nobody explains to me who I am, as only I am the most competent person to explain me to anybody.

I'm sorry that you feel threatened by it, and I recommend that you seek somebody who is able to explain to yourself who you are, since that seems to be a thing you're chipping into.

@Hyolobrika In no way did I ever express any interest about what you think or how you speak, yet you believe it would interest anyone but you.

@Hyolobrika "The TERF *was* a passenger with us, until we banned them from our venues" is not a threatening assession. The poster is supposed to make people who think like you aware that transgressions against people who are not what you want them to be will be met with appropriate consequences, and that certainly does not include murder. Get your shit together.

@Hyolobrika Since I demonstrated to you, how "was/were" can be used in a sentence without threatening people with murder, your assessment has been voided by me. That's why you feel you need to attack me. Anti-discrimination laws do no apply to discriminating people, which is explained by Dr. Karl Popper. Also, you're not the arbiter of what is 1st Amendment speech and what is not. You have no case here and you get angry about it.

@Hyolobrika I talk about the poster and how you exaggerate its meaning to blow your case up to a recognizable, yet still not actionable size. I have no clue what you're talking about.

@Hyolobrika Thank you for filtering out yourself from my feed by blocking me. It's really appreciated.


I like the details of this poster!!! Amazing work, seriously. - Do we know the station and whether it is spread across the city?

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