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okapi branchoff 🎉

Two days of trying to interact with a polymer webcomponent based form using . What a shitshow. The visibility into these shadow doms and the interaction possibilities with these webcomponents are severly limited.

I would've preferred a UEFI payload since that would simplify my configuration a bit.

Another odd end was that , a GPU-accelerated terminal written in Rust, wouldn't start. Found the tracking issue here: github.com/jwilm/alacritty/iss

Fine, back to URxvt, but since I don't distribute my .Xresources the terminal comes up with a white background … ugh.

So much and especially configuration still to write.

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Kein Glück heute mit Octoprint auf Unstable.

Erst failen die Jinja2-Tests, nun die von Octoprint. 😞

Ging beides noch letzte Woche.


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