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How should the binary for the Rust port of Magic be called?

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"Diese Webseite wird nicht korrekt dargestellt, wenn Sie einen Adblocker installiert haben. Bitte deinstallieren Sie Ihren Adblocker, um eine uneingeschränkte Nutzung und Darstellung zu gewährleisten."

Bwahaha! Nein.

* [new branch] release-21.05 -> origin/release-21.05

okapi branchoff 🎉

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Privacy-wise, Matrix is worse than Slack for public rooms.

Don't hit respond yet, read further.

With this whole freenode mess, some of the online communities I'm part of moved to Matrix. Despite how much I personally love IRC (that's top-notch privacy-wise for public rooms), I have to admit the overall Matrix UX is order of magnitude better and more in line withthe 2021 standards. It lowers the barrier of entry, and I'm all in for that!

However, there's a *massive* catch: the read status. Every time you can see a message on a public room, Matrix will show your avatar next to the said message to materialize you "read" (at least saw) it,

There's currently no way to disable this feature, be it on synapse or dendrite. The read status gets broadcasted to *all the room participants*, including bots.

Some bots are autojoining all the big room as soon as your open them. It's not clear who operate them, they don't ask nobody's consent before joining. You can assume this presence data is actively getting stored and mined by them, it's trivial to do. I implemented such a POC in a couple of hours yesterday night (I obviously turned it off and deleted the data after showing it to some friends).

Back to my initial punch line: this situation is worse than it it is with Slack. At least, with Slack, my read status stays between me, Slack corp and the people they decide to share the data with. With Matrix, it's open bar, private data for everyone.

The Vector team seem not to care too much [1] and are not considering this situation as urgent.

We absolutely need a way to disable these read status on a per room (or space?) level. As free software devs, we should be able to protect our peers and users privacy. My presence status, be it on a public chat is definitely *not* a public data that should carelessly be shared.

[1] https://github.com/vector-im/element-web/issues/2527

@musicmatze Kernel bauen mit 4 cores läuft OOM, mit 3 geht es. Mein nächstes aarch64 Gerät wird 8GB+ RAM (~2GB pro Core) haben.

Two days of trying to interact with a polymer webcomponent based form using . What a shitshow. The visibility into these shadow doms and the interaction possibilities with these webcomponents are severly limited.

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UEFI, strong opinions, buggy 

So I have many experiences with or , it's buggy in different ways. On an older system I had to boot it with fat16 because it didn't work with fat32 even though the spec says fat32.

On this EFI, it removes all entries of bootloaders that isn't Microsoft Windows and makes sure that Microsoft Windows is the only bootloader in place *ON EACH REBOOT*.

Solution: Copy grub to where Windows stores it's bootloader.


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Die betreffende Verordnung ist übrigens unterschrieben von einem gewissen Herrn Scholz. Das nur als Info, falls ihr den Namen demnächst auf einem Wahlzettel seht …

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Ich koche gerade vor Wut.

BRD so: Ehrenamt fördern, Vereinsentlastungsgesetz mit deutlichen Steuerzugeständnissen und vereinfachungen für gemeinn. Vereine.

BRD auch so: 4,80€ Gebühr für Führung des Transparenzregistereintrags müssen von allen Vereinen gezahlt werden. Der zuständig Verlag verschweigt auf seiner Seite die Gebührenbefreiung für gemmeinn. Instit. und sagt auch nicht wie man sie einreicht, wartet drei Jahre bis er die erste Rechnung schickt und rückwirkende Befreiung geht nicht.

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@hotaru Nach Registrierung auf der Webseite (beide Stufen, man muss zwischendurch auswählen, wofür man sich registriert, habe da angegeben, dass ich eine Auskunft will) kommt man zu einem Beantragungsformular für die Befreiung.

To add insult to injury haben sie den Antrag noch richtig dreist verklausuliert, damit wirklich niemand merkt, dass sowas gibt. (Er ist unten rechts …)

Das sind wirklich Dark Patterns die da der Staat gegenüber engagierten Bürgern in Stellung bringt.

@tokudan True, more of the content could and should be archived. I thought about proxying as half the way to archiving it

@tokudan Yes, permanent storage. Images aren't proxied, which is a bit sad.

@tokudan Yes, I can generate public share links to access the stored content on my end. My instance is on a VPN only, because I love PHP so much, so I can't demo it.

@tokudan I use wallabag for that. And it's more the … something is cool, lets make sure I can find it again in $years use case.

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