#VisibleWoman Hi, I'm Stephanie and I draw cute illustrations, mostly to turn them into stickers for me and my friends. Those are not professional level illustrations but they make me happy so I will share them :)

@stephaniewalter omg the sheer cuteness! <3 Wish I had that sticker on my notebook!

@breakthesystem I give some away at tech events I attend. Maybe we will meet one day :)

Is there a chance, that you'll attend #cccamp19 ? I'm sure @Sihuse would love to get some to ;-)

@stephaniewalter @Sihuse @breakthesystem the chaos communication camp, an outdoor hacker event, hold every 4 years by the CCC in germany, will be in the same place like last time(an old brickworks museum), you'll find a lot of great pics to get an impression if you check the web for #ccc15


@stephaniewalter @Fellmoon @breakthesystem Sad to hear. The c3 events are the most open, welcoming and inspiring events I've ever attended. But that's a privileged cis, male view and of course there are other experiences too.

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