@paulakreuzer Never heard of before. Seems to be the same thing as the (better known?) . Maybe we should standardize on one term? What are your arguments for your choice?

@hexmasteen TBH I choose #FAANG because it has the more comprehensive Wikipedia article. #GAFAM redirects to "Big Four tech companies" (GAFA) and only has 3 lines of text:


We could also go with MAGA FENTY, for #Microsoft, #Apple, #Google, #Amazon, #Facebook, #Ebay, #Netflix, #Twitter and #Yahoo


@paulakreuzer seems to be primarily used by our french friends. The french Wikipedia article is longer (but I don't understand it) :)

I learned the acronym when @LaQuadrature did their poster campaign. gafam.info/

I guess I'll just use both until I see a trend.

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