My understanding of the messenger:

There is a and called Loki. In addition to mining you can earn those coins by running a node that provides storage, bandwidth and onion routing to the users of the messaging service.

Session uses the Signal protocol for the e2ee and key-pairs as identifiers.

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@hexmasteen can such nodes be run on servers that are not themselves used as chat clients? Does Session handle delayed delivery to a user who is offline when a message is sent to them, and remains offline when the sender goes offline? This is something #Jami can't do yet.

@strypey Yes on both accounts. The "Service Node" is not meant to be run on a mobile device but on a server. The chat client communicates with swarms of those servers. So your device is not part of the p2p network.

@hexmasteen correct, but as a Session user, you dont need to know any of that token/blockchain stuff, if you dont want to. its just a secure and private messaging app, at its purest form.

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