We simply cannot say this enough:

1. Turn off your location services.
2. Turn off your phone completely when you don’t need it on.

WE are allowing THEM to create a virtual police state. #COVID19 tracking is simply a building block of systemic real-time civilian surveillance.

At the heart of this technology is money, not altruism. These companies are not non-profits. Their profit ≠ your freedom.


You control your #privacy through your choices.

#ios #android

You're doing your followers a major disservice by implying that turning location services off will hide your location. I'm only familiar with android and I'm assuming #Google PlayServices is running. Wifi access points and probably cell-tower locations (triangulation) are used as well to track your location.

Turning your phone off does work. Removing the battery is better.

Do you really trust ggl to tell you the truth when it's not showing your location history?

A false sense of #privacy is worse then realizing you have no privacy.

A phone without ggl services (LineageOS) may work, if your phone is supported. Mine was, but that stopped a while ago, which means no more security updates (unless you do that yourself).
No ggl services means several (and growing nr of) apps won't work, like banking apps.

A pure Linux (distro/kernel) phone is the only solution I see.
Because #GoogleIsEvil

@FreePietje a false sense of security is also not our intention.

In fact there are essentially no “perfect” solutions readily available for the majority of the public.

Mitigation is not naive, and all attempts to thwart the varying technologies help.

The only way to truly stay off a location grid is to not use the phone at all. So to reduce impact, provide countermeasures for application tracking. Turning off locations is part of that methodology.

Thank you for your comments!

"In fact there are essentially no 'perfect' solutions readily available for the majority of the public."

Indeed. And that is the whole problem.
As I don't believe ggl will change their behavior for the better (as that means abandoning their business model), I strongly believe we (techies) should help/support/build an alternative.
The most logical candidates are (pure) Linux 'distros'.

It'll be a long-term solution, but those should start some time. The sooner the better.

@FreePietje @theprivacyfoundation Google is only one part of the problem. To avoid location tracking you have to avoid the cellular network. So better get a device without cellular modem and support you local community-wifi-network.

@hexmasteen @theprivacyfoundation
You do have a (good) point, but I don't think that can be a viable alternative for the next 20/30 *years* as it means a complete redesign of our (whole) communication infrastructure.


@FreePietje @theprivacyfoundation I play with this option and it's not that unthinkable. I have wifi 95% percent of the time (home amd office) and basically all my communication uses the Internet (mostly Signal, E-Mail).

You need some apps and it would be great if my cellular provider could forward calls and sms to IP-based systems.

It's not that much harder than telling people they can't use Google anymore.

@hexmasteen Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly, but I got the impression you wanted to abandon all cellular (3/4/5G) connections and replace that with a world-wide mesh network.
Just home and office isn't that much of a problem. A replacement for when people are underway (car/train/etc) or out and about (f.e. walking in nature) is magnitudes more involved.

@FreePietje Yes, gsm/umts/lte can't be fixed so we should try to avoid them.

And yes, that means not beeing connected 24/7 wherever you are. If you need to contact somebody or look something up, the next coffeeshop with wifi is usually around the corner.

I don't think that's realistic. What you're describing is similar to what we had before mobile phones, with landlines.

I wish more people would realize that the world doesn't end when you turn your mobile off once in a while. But I still like that to be an option which I and others can choose.

@FreePietje Always online means surveillance with the tech we have. Having a cellular device with you (turned off) for when you really need it would be a compromise. But off by default.

@FreePietje and of course we should also work on a wireless network with global reach. But until we have that, we can enjoy being off the grid when we take a walk in the woods. ;)

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