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We have updated the marketing section of our Ethics page.

We explain what we don't do and why, touching on paid reviews, surveillance ads, dark patterns and spam and other tactics.

We have also added examples on how attract new customers instead, e.g. improving our service, educational projects and sponsorships.


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Was würdet ihr (anders) machen, wenn es keine Überwachung (Vorratsdatenspeicherung, Quellen-TKÜ, Staatstrojaner u.v.m.) gäbe?

Lasst uns unter dem Hashtag #LebenOhneÜberwachung sammeln, was in dem Fall anders wäre.

#Überwachung #VDS #QuellenTKÜ #Staatstrojaner

@onlytina Ich denke das Stichwort das du suchst ist .

Alternativ dazu kann man auch normale wlan-geräte direkt miteinander verbinden (mesh networking). Dazu findet sich bei viel know-how.

Wenn es um geringe Datenmengen geht, ist eventuell eine Option?

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Menschen, die sich aus Politik heraushalten sind schlimmer als Sozialdemokrat:innen.

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The #coop I work with is #hiring.

We do things with open data for public good and social change.

Equal pay (£40k/pa), flat structure, remote work. Flexible working with part time options. Lots of benefits.

Happy to answer questions here another way (rhiaro.co.uk/contact)


#coopjobs #cooplife #opendata

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/e/ (e.foundation) hires a proficient low-level #Android developer (Java/C/SELinux...) with good network development skills (DNS, IPtables, Berkeley Packet Filter) 🛠️📲🦸

📩 resume + introduction letter to: techjobs@e.email

Feel free to forward #remotejob #anywhere

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A "podcast" behind a paywall is not a podcast.

A "podcast" that only one app can receive is not a podcast.

A "podcast" without a public feed that can be freely pulled into any podcast client or RSS reader is not a damn podcast, don't let people get away with calling it that.

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Here's a little thing that may not be obvious to many people....

When you install an open-source app from Google Play or the Apple app store, there is no guarantee that what you install actually matches the public code.

@fdroidorg are doing a great service. They independently build the public source code for apps from scratch, review for common issues, and publish their builds. Thanks to "reproducible builds" it's possible to verify they do not tamper with the code.


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Hi all, Geary is looking for a co-maintainer!

@mjog doesn't have enough time to to do it all by themselves any more, and so is looking for a hand in taking care of day-to-day tasks such as bug triaging and fixing, and working on improving the front-end side of the app in particular.

If you're interested, take a look at the issue tracker, and pitch on in!

If you have any questions, please thread them below or get in touch with @mjog 👇


#Geary #GNOME

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🚨 We're looking for an EdTech consultant!

Apply by the 17th July to come take a look at how technology is being used in schools and procured by and for schools around the world!


@kuketzblog Weil sie es geschafft haben als "Standard" wahrgenommen zu werden und dadurch als die logische Wahl erscheinen. Jede andere Option muss man argumentieren. Nobody ever got fired for choosing .

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there is another next to called: . they also have an account in the . it works a little bit different. @gancio

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@paul "Unlike APKs, Android App Bundles cannot exist outside of Google Play and cannot be distributed outside of it."

Fuck no.

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In a society where waste and planned obsolescence were no longer subsidized, and there were no barriers to competition socializing the full benefits of technological progress, we could probably enjoy our present quality of life with a fifteen-hour work week.
-- Kevin Carson

#anarchism #quote #bot

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Heading to a protest this weekend? 📢 🪧
Check out our FREE guide!
Our guide provides a range of information about police surveillance capabilities, from IMSI catchers to Cloud Extraction, to keep you informed before attending a protest.



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Nehammer is watching us! Überbordene Überwachung hat in einer Demokratie aber absolut nichts verloren! Bitte unterstüze uns, damit wir weiterhin tatkräfitg gegen die Überwachungsfantasien des Innenministeriums ankämpfen können. epicenter.works/unterstuetzung

@emanuele I just hoped the answer to "how to stop them tracking you" would be: Don't buy from them. Don't use their devices. Don't give them your money because it will make things worse.

Amazon is a prime example of things worth .

@emanuele This article doesn't even dare to suggest that you could stop doing business with Amazon. That's pathetic.

"It’s impossible to stop Amazon tracking you completely – if you’re going to shop with Amazon then Amazon will collect your data"

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