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‪What are we missing in the debate:‬
‪China supposedly does it – like everyone else (five eyes, German BND, …) does it. For the freedom of expression, it is of little relevance who threatens it.‬
‪We hear about establishing “digital autonomy”, but we’re not talking about how European products are supposed to compete with others if they include the same interception technology, only playing into the hands of European players this time.‬

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Hello Fediverse,
Does anyone know whether snap fasteners exist as PCB solderable components?


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re: how to programmeing with ADHD Show more

1. Would like to send little patch to android studio project
2. Cannot because it seems I need google account for sending patches.
3. They don't even have email address for such cases? O_o

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:WeAreNameless: WarGames shall be our next movie and this time we'll have a co-host, #WeAreNameless!

Can you guess who? :ameowbongo:

You'll find out when we watch it together on Saturday, 23 of February, at 21:30 UTC (AKA 9.30 PM UTC)!

⁉️ WTF is #WeAreNameless?

:WeAreNameless: WeAreNameless is a monthly community project on the Fediverse where Hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

:WeAreNameless: Wanna know more?
Click: etherpad.qbfreak.net/p/WeAreNa

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while I'm looking through my pictures folders, here's this again

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@xpac RZ brennen nicht, Daten gehen in die Cloud!

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Online-Immatrikulation bei der HAW für Technische Informatik. "Bitte aktivieren Sie JavaScript in ihrem Browser". Vielleicht doch eine Ausbildung?

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> Proposal For Wayland Content Protection Protocol (HDCP)

Go Away.

Where is the FLOSS CI software that
isn't a huge Java blob (Jenkins),
without weird licensing and closed source branches (Drone CI),
doesn't use containerization weirdly or not at all (buildbot)
and isn't hard to integrate with a simple dotfile in your repo (Concourse CI)?

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"This is your brain"
*puts egg in pan*
"This is your brain on drugs"
*puts drugs in egg*

Es ist Donnerstag-Nacht in der Bahn Richtung Schanze.
*jemand fotografiert seine Bierdose.*

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