Second try at the Andrew Pitt tutorial, this time I took more liberties (also more tubes of better paint have arrived by now). Fairly happy with the result.

Following a youtube tutorial I arrived at this painting. Fairly happy. This was painted 2 days ago and I even like it better now than on the evening I painted it.

I think my cheap "White NIghts" watercolor set will be retired once I get the missing colors for my Royal Talens watercolors arrive. They just mix to the ugliest colours. Originally I thought I might use them for practice, esp. for colour mixing, but its just daunting with these.


Looking at the result I should start working on tonal values I guess

Managed to get some painting in today for the first time in months probably (1 exception but that one doesn’t count really).

Didn’t want to set the bar too high and opted for some doodling / studies.

First time I tried painting figuratively though so pretty happy – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community