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We get so caught up in framing plurality as a weakness and a struggle...

Hey, , what about your plurality brings you joy or enhances your life?

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i believe labels are pointlessly divisive and have no proper place in our society but i'm pretty much basically a jock and not a nerd at all

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Bug bounty reports be like:
I've got arbitrary vibration execution on any cell phones if I know as little as a phone number

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What if most voters in the world want to be subjected to authoritarianism, debasement, patriarchy and racism? Forget the politicians and the press for a moment—what if this is what most voters actually want?

How do the rest of us live inside of this reality?

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The question to ask, if the answer is clearly not electoral politics, is what can we do to make the world a better place.

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Don't let this suck you towards nihilism. As much as it got harder, the need for you to be there trying to make the world a better place has never been greater.

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We've been rewatching Star Wars sporadically en route to episode IX the past few weeks. We need to pick up the pace (we're on TESB, which can't be rushed), but I had some thoughts on the prequels, which I hadn't revisited in a decade or so.

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Powerful talk by @Abebab@twitter.com on "Algorithmic Colonization" at .
-Sometimes blindly applying AI technologies for social good > alluring than confronting ugly social realities
- should consider of local customs and norma
We need to hear more of this.

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Spoken eloquently by @alexhanna@twitter.com "This panel is HELLA white." - Minding the Gap: Between Fairness and Ethics workshop .

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So much so I'm thinking of engaging in ethics in my own work/interests much more seriously. There are wonderful scholars doing great work in this regard already, but opportunities for intervention are not exhausted.

So NeurIPS sounds pretty, uh, problematic.

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Loving all these people in my mentions telling me that a machine learning system which creates a face out of a voice isn't transphobic.

You can't intuit gender (or sex for that matter) from a voice. Full stop.

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What is this hot garbage, ? "Facial Reconstruction from Voice using Generative Adversarial Networks" in which the authors generate faces from voice.

Computer scientists and machine learning people, please stop this awful transphobic shit.

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Excited to see even more super racist/sexist AI next year! I bet the US govt will definitely fund the followup work! /s (wtf how was this *published*?!) @AnimaAnandkumar@twitter.com @hugo_larochelle@twitter.com @hannawallach@twitter.com @kat_heller@twitter.com @katecrawford@twitter.com twitter.com/varoonmathur/statu

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Might be a good time to re-read Stuart Hall's "Thatcherism - a new stage?" to understand how Thatcherism paved the way for this week's Tories win.

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@mariadearteaga@twitter.com @rajiinio@twitter.com @Abebab@twitter.com "Nothing about us without Us!" @Abebab@twitter.com on Algorithmic Colonization

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Politicians use science...

like a drunk uses a lamppost


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This has allowed persuasive voices to push the idea that critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity cannot be taught under the banner of “this is what the science says” with CLT providing the scientific authority. 18/

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