Does anyone know how to fix a synology DS1515+? With the included powersupply it won't turn on. I tried with the powersupply of my pc. It worked. But no drives because of the proprietary cable. I bought a new power supply and it won't turn on. I checked both powersupplies and they seemed fine. What can it be?

Contact Synology support.

Does the power LED keep blinking blue? It could be the Intel C2000 bug 😟

@rusty There is no light at all. When I press the power button, nothing happens.

I could try to contact them. The problem is: It's an old one from my company. They replaced it when the problem occurred because there was no warranty left. I got it because I wanted to try to repair it

@humbug ah, then I have already given all of my useful advice.

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