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Second night in the car. I am so looking forward to the hotel tomorrow :awesome:

humbug boosted is looking for a new maintainer!

If nobody comes forward by 2020, it'll be forced to shut down. Please boost to spread the word.

Note that this is the podcast-sharing website: I'm not sure about the status of the app, but I think that's still doing fine.

#gPodder #podcasts #python #webdev #helpwanted

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Liebe Studenten und Studentinnen,

der Fachschaftrat Informatik lädt zu folgenden Events ein:
Filmeabend am 09.08
Spielenachmittag am 31.08

Wenn ihr Lust habt gemütlich einen Film in der Hochschule zu schauen oder gerne Brettspiele/Pen&Paper zockt dann kommt gerne vorbei! ~M


Jemand sollte dem mal sagen, dass er voll in der Kamera ist und sich vielleicht nicht die ganze Zeit im Ohr rumkratzen sollte :D

I am using a as an smart cart. I now want to add a new UID for this key and get an error saying "gpg: signing failed: Bad signature". How can I add a new uid onto the smartcard?

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👀 We have some questions about our documentation.

We can't maintain all translations up to date.
We are wondering if we should just remove all translations & keep the english one OR keep all of them but not up to date...

What do you think? 🤔

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With some pride 😃 and slight embarrassment 😳 the new presenter line up at podcast 🎙️ play the game 🎮 I wrote in Bash for the coding challenge we presented recently at #fosstalk live 2019. Have a listen

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Scientists 'speechless' at Arctic fox's epic trek

A young fox has walked from Norway's Arctic islands to Canada in just 76 days.

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Ich freu mich auf den neuen Mozilla Firefox (Fenix) für Android:
- Komplett neu entwickelt
- Nutzt weiterhin GeckoView
- Nicht so träge wie der aktuelle Firefox

Guter Schritt von Mozilla! 🧙‍♂️

Prieview leider aktuell nur im Google Play Store erhätlich. Alternativ Download via Yalp-Store sollte funktionieren.

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We are very proud today to introduce Nextcloud Text, a collaborative, rich text editor for #nextcloud! Try it out and get productive!

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TIL – Using conditional entries in .gitconfig to automatically manage #git identities based on the working directory. Nice!

105 episodes and 127h and 0m left in my list

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