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Had my first major problem with . Kernel update wouldn't finish. Reboot - sudden firmware update - Kernel was missing...

So I needed to boot an Arch Live USB. Mounted the encrypted LVM and reinstalled linux.

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Well... Looks like cannot convert Twitter polls to Mastodon polls

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I have way too many bookmarks and open tabs.

Now this "Weekly Musing" comes right on time to remind me to get rid of a lot of digital clutter.

No yesterday. I was so mad about my not-working-soldering-project that I needed to play some

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P.S. -- A lot of users are asking if in will impact existing installs.

The answer is NO. Existing installs will use the existing filesystem after upgrading. There will be docs coming soon on converting to Btrfs after upgrading:

Installed 33 KDE on my x230 yesterday. Works great so far. Probably going to try it on my main (T490) soon.

tonight. Probably gonna try Squad-Stream with a friend @ (probably in German)

Just read the last 10 articles on by @EmmaBostian -- very inspiring and motivational! (besides of all the mac software that's recommended :D)

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FrOSCon 2020 Programm für Android
👉🏿 Teilen einfach gemacht .. einzelne Vorträge oder alle Favoriten. Was guckst du? 📺

@froscon @c3voc @ChaosWildWest @cbase @chaosupdates @MRMCD2020

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Petition to silence all motorbikes? 🏍️

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Okay, beim Changelog der eBay Kleinanzeigen App musst ich kurz grinsen 😁

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Connect with people from around the world and learn new things at #Akademy2020. There is still time to register! Sign-up now and check out the program. We can’t wait to see you there!

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I just found out about for

Great TUI for all the Kubernetes Admins out there!

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Ihr wollt wissen was ist und wie es funktioniert? Geht ohne großes Vorwissen.


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