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Let's create a future with neural interfaces that are open source, privacy-preserving, non-invasive, and out of reach from surveillance capitalism!

Big day for & women's rights in Germany! 🥳

Doctors are now finally allowed to publicly disclose information about their abortion services.

While abortions were legal already, even mentioning that you do abortions on your clinic website would get you sued because it was interpreted as "advertisement for abortions". 😑 This law from 1933 called "Section " was now removed \o/

Sad how abortion is still illegal in the neighboring country Poland though. :(

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P.S. "MAX(temperature)" should be "MAX(CAST(temperature as number))", since comparing TEXT would result in "9" > "10"

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Did you know you can run queries on CSV files directly? 😍

$ sqlite3 :memory:
sqlite> .mode csv
sqlite> .import thermometer.csv therm
sqlite> .schema
"date" TEXT,
"time" TEXT,
"temperature" TEXT
sqlite> SELECT date, MAX(temperature) FROM therm GROUP BY date;
2022-06-19, 35.4
2022-06-20, 42.8
2022-06-21, 49.3

Or in one line:
$ sqlite3 :memory: -cmd '.mode csv' -cmd '.import thermometer.csv therm' 'SELECT ...'


Happy Birthday Sasha Shulgin (, godfather of , maker of tools for mental exploration, and personal hero of mine. RIP

If I learned one thing from playing Neo Scavenger, it's that in a post-apocalyptic world, potato chips bags are NOT trash, but a precious commodity. It's a luxurious packing utility for all your storage needs. Too many band-aids, stones, bullets and sticks to carry in your bare hands? Throw them all in, and you're good to go! (it has been praised "The best hobo simulator I've ever played")

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Ab diesem Freitag veranstaltet das [ku:] jeden 3. Freitag im Monat einen Queer Tresen :)

Beginn: 20:00, bis um etwa 23:00
All genders welcome! #queer #events #cologne #köln

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@piko Regarding your recent post on packaging, see above :)

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physical harm 

How to smash out your teeth with household objects in 3 simple steps:

1. Drink the last bits of water from a plastic bottle by holding it up, almost vertically
2. While drinking, walk over to the kitchen to refill the bottle and ram the bottle straight into the door frame

I tried this recently (just for science, of course! I'm not clumsy!!!) and I still feel the pain after days. 😖 Thankfully my teeth are fine.

@Commander1024 Url :) V'z irel tengrshy sbe lbhe Pubeabolyjnir cynlyvfg naq lbhe cbfgf ba rkcybevat gur ertvba. V unir snzvyl sebz obgu Ehffvn naq Hxenvar, zl tenaqsngure jnf n geniryvat jryqre, ynlvat Cvcrf va Pureaboly, ohg sbeghangryl ur tbg frag ubzr fubegyl orsber gur ernpgbe oyrj hc. Gur gharf sebz gur cynlyvfg fgve hc n abfgnytl va zr sbe gvzrf V'ir arire jvgarffrq zlfrys. N ovg wrnybhf bs lbh gung lbh unq gur bccbeghavgl gb rkcyber vg orsber erprag riragf znqr vg vzcbffvoyr. ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು!

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Ein Kollege hat einen Coronatest in einen USB-Stick umgebaut 😄


tip 0423: Try meditation. Start by scheduling 1 hour of meditation every day. When the hour is approaching, you'll start to procrastinate, and with some luck, do the actually important shit instead of meditating :)

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Always thought the Dyson Sphere thing was weirdly capitalist, like "a type 6 advanced civilization will need to harness the power of an entire star" no an advanced civilization will sit in the grass enjoying birds and bugs and a stable climate for thousands of years

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Mit Matrix gibt es ein Open-Source-Projekt, das es gestattet, einen Ende-zu-Ende-verschlüsselten Messengerdienst mit dem üblichen Funktionsumfang auf eigenem Metall zu betreiben. Unter Kontrollgesichtspunkten ist das erstmal super. Die öffentliche Verwaltung in Frankreich setzt deshalb künftig komplett auf dieses Konzept.1 Alles gut? Leider nicht ganz.

I paid some attention recently on when I use which in daily life. Here's the breakdown:

- English: Default
- German: When speaking with Germans
- French: When trying to sound particularily éloquent
- Italian: When trying to speak Spanish
- Russian: Cursing, or talking with Post-Soviets
- Polish: Cursing with Polish ppl nearby
- Chinese: Cursing after having watched Firefly recently
- Japanese: When trying to sound like a cute anime girl

(I'm btw not fluent in many of these)

Do backups, people!

At least 2 nearby, and ≥1 encrypted and stored at a friend's place.

Is it poetry? Is it science? Is it spirituality?

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