Where did the moon come from? From the moon tree, of course.

"ranger" was a file manager with VI key bindings for console cowboys that I started ~10 years ago.

I thought I left it in good hands with toonn, vifon, zaeph and the rest of the community, but things are clearly getting out of hand 😨


There are light receptors called OPN3 in our testicles (if applicable) as well as our brains.

The purpose is unclear. My theory is that it's the first evolutionary step towards light-based brain-to-testicle communication, in an attempt of the brain to take back control over the penis, or vice versa.


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Lake Retba in Senegal is a salt lake which is naturally bright pink like strawberry milkshake.

The colour comes from microbes which use a type of photosynthesis which evolved separately to the kind that plants use. The chemical machinery those microbes use is rhodopsin – the same stuff which is found in your retinas, allowing you to see.


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Über die Krise bitte nicht vergessen:

Unsere Regierung möchte gerade eine Klarnamenpflicht auf den Weg bringen. Inklusive Personalausweis hochladen beim Plattformbetreiber.


I dreamt today that I was in a restaurant, eating things without worrying at all about .

I also dreamt that me and my team took a rocket plane into low earth orbit, after volunteering for missions where I'd fix satellites, and there was something about frozen people in stasis pods.

But that was kinda boring. The restaurant dream had more impact.

Can I get if I dream of going outside?

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RT @sclawr@twitter.com

please, tech people. PLEASE. if you dont have a background working in healthcare/medicine, stop the hackathons and just give money.

the potential to do harm is too high, and designing for medicine is a thing. health communication/tooling is a specialty, not a weekend project.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/sclawr/status/1243

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Ich lasse das nur mal so hier, ohne Grund.

„Nummer gegen Kummer“ für Jugendliche und Kinder: 116 111

Elterntelefon: 0800 111 0550

Pflegetelefon: 030 2017 9131

Hilfetelefon „Schwangere in Not“ 0800 404 0020

Hilfetelefon „Gewalt gegen Frauen“ 0800 011 6016

Just replaced thermal paste in a laptop and found the reason why it was getting so hot:

During manufacturing, they COVERED PART OF THE GPU WITH AN ISOLATING PLASTIC SHEET! On a spot where thermal paste should be, so the heat can dissipate into the heat sink! -_-

Great quality control, HP!

Why aren't there any theories about aliens pointing solar mirrors at the earth that cause , as an ATTACK ON OUR ENTIRE PLANET?

If you are what you eat, and you are meat, then how can one ever be ?

My clementine peeling technique produces little elephant heads with ears and a looong trunk, isn't it adorable?

Coronaboomer, noun:

The wave of babies hat was born approx. 9 months after the global quarantines during the 2020 .

This dude hacked his arm prosthesis to control a synthesizer :D youtu.be/qSKBtEBRWi4

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