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Instead of vodka+energy, whiskey+cola, or mate+rum, there should be red wine + green tea. The healthiest alcoholic drink mixed with the healthiest caffeinated drink.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it's gonna be mind-bending!


Humans are still aquatic life forms. We just carry our private ocean everywhere with us. Each time we drink a glass of water, we replenish it.

In the age of travel, we have started to carry our private atmosphere with us into the void.

Perhaps eventually, we'll evolve to live in space without technology and replenish our atmosphere just as we replenish our ocean today.

Or we skip one abstraction level and become fully aquatic again to live more efficiently, in water-filled space ships.

Just rediscovered these biosecurity information cards from the FBI, intended to educate young scientists about potential dangers of their activities.

I sure can sleep much better, knowing that they take our safety seriously ;D

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you think you test in prod, but do you test in prod like Boeing used to?


If you have no reason to fight yet: Antarctica looks like a gigantic, white, fluffy creature, and we are in the process of killing it!

"The TP-82 (Russian: ВП-82) was a triple-barrelled pistol that was carried by cosmonauts on missions."

My favorite part: "The detachable buttstock was also a machete that came with a canvas sheath."

Will renegade really cause the technology apocalypse?

Perhaps it will be algorithms that are merely good enough to escape our control. To self-perpetuate without motivation or desire, and abuse our trust-based infrastructure as their breeding ground. Much like bacteria infest physical space, they will infest technology, manipulate people and AI alike in order to tap as many computational cycles as they can, until modern society breaks down. We see the beginning in already.

Business model for open source software:

A free branch where all pull requests are automatically accepted, and a premium branch that only includes PR's that have been reviewed. ;)

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Joe Rogan talks to Edward Snowden. This is a lengthy one! ❀️

Am I unreasonably worried that the technology to produce high-quality fake audio/video recordings will destroy any credibility in journalism and thereby ruin public discourse, or are we really in some deep shit?

The only way to properly feed the masses in the is with giant, flat water tanks of algae, which feed only on sunlight, and are genetically engineered to produce all nutrients needed by humans.

These are then harvested and turned into delicious, healthy, vegan, and curiously green waffles. :)

For version 2.0 we could make the waffles glow in the dark, reducing humanity's energy consumption and ecological footprint even further. Waffleglow will be the new campfire!

Here's a lovely guide on doing set operations in the unix shell:

E.g. how to print lines which are in file A but not in file B?

-> `sort B B A | uniq -u`

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