I thought my job as a programmer was kinda future-proof, but then this:

This shows a text box hooked into of . You can write things in natural language, like "a table with the richest countries in the world with the columns name and GDP", and it automagically generates the code for that. 🤯

Any ideas for a backup job that will likely still exist in 10 years, so I can start training? I heard "cage fighter" will remain viable far into the age of overlords.

@vifon So we'd degrade to requirement analysts. Awesome, that's, like, the most exciting and fun part of our current job, right? 😅

Hmm, maybe I could become a battery, like in The Matrix. We will always need batteries, right?


@hut Either that or a prostitute for kinky robots preferring meatware over hardware.

Also, insert an obligatory rant about the batteries in The Matrix not making sense and humans being used for computation in an early script.


@hut Note to self: If I'll ever find myself designing an AI, make kinks possible. It may affect my chances of survival.


@vifon Interesting idea, I will give it some consideration.

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