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My feeble attempt at blogging. I really think it would be cool to keep up with this, but I'll take it a post at a time.

@chosafine @ocdtrekkie just listening to Pentagonal. Jake, you're wrong about password managers. 🙂 The likelihood that someone can crack my password safe (I'm using a selfhosted KeePass safe now) is just as small as someone breaking into your safe. Actually, smaller. If someone really wants in your safe or your house, they can do it. I could email you my password safe and you won't crack it until you buy a quantum computer. 😉 *can of worms opened*

Currently using IFTTT, but it's limited with what it can do with Mastodon right now.

Required features: Forwarding of mentions from old to new, optional mirroring of public, non-replies to from new to old.

Wish there was a better way to handle migrating between social networks (Twitter->Mastodon and between Mastodon servers). Writing something is going on my to do list!

Yaaas! Better self hosted AI and home automation! - Snips and Home Assistant: on-device voice commands at home -

Bummed that it seems the only phone offerings that support privacy out of the box are iPhones. Privacy really seems like a privilege for those what can afford to buy or afford to spend hours dedicated to it. I hope this changes.

If you're considering dropping you ad/tracker blocker when Google updates Chrome... Think again.

With New Browser Tech, Apple Preserves Privacy and Google Preserves Trackers -

@ocdtrekkie unrelated to our other thread... You told me to look you up and now I'm your only follower. No follow back, dude?! - because anarchy is much more fun with friends. is a small Mastodon instance for and by the Chaos community surrounding the Chaos Computer Club. We provide a small community space - Be excellent to each other, and have a look at what that means around here.
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