To all MacBook users:

Since the new MacOS version cuts the Safari extensions, I would like to get an idea which browser you use on your portable Mac (and why). Boosts welcome!

@ices Firefox is good, safe and stable / secure. But its a lot slower than Google Chrome.

@AndyGER @ices since Quantum they are likely at least as fast. Everything else is likely caused by extensions.

Compare it with no extensions installed.

@ices Microsoft is slowly bringing Chromium Edge to all platforms. This could be a good opportunity. It is Chrome without Google but with all the plugin possibilities.

@AndyGER I would love to use Firefox, but Safari is so energy efficient..

@ices Firefox really works well on a Linux system. But with Windows and Mac it is so slow compared to others. If you like it easy and clean then go for Chrome and try out the new Chromium Edge Browser. It may become a heavyweight challenger to Google.

@rugk @ices Think twice. Microsoft is way less messy with your Data than Google is. A better choice when Edge Chromium is finished maybe.

@AndyGER @ices pffff, as if…

This thesis is not baked by any example or even proof. Just a claim.

@rugk @ices Well there are articles you can find comparing browsers and their demand of data. Firefox can be closed up pretty well but this means a loss of speed depending on where you are going to surf. No perfect solution available, Dude. Sorry ;-)

@AndyGER @ices Wtf is "demand of data"?

"Websites" can hardly compare that. Especially comparing MBs or so is difficult.

Fact is, Chromium and Firefox are FLOSS. Edge is not. Edge replaces Chrome's proprietary tracking with MS tracking.
In Firefox, you can at least trust what you change/disable is disabled. And they e.g. also honor DNT for their internal services.

@rugk @ices Just ask Google for Reports of compared Browsers when it comes to security. Thank you.

@AndyGER @ices lol, yeah, good idea. Very unbiased reports you'll get… 😏

Also, we did talk about privacy, not security. That's fundamentally different here πŸ˜ƒ

@rugk @ices So it is too hard for you to read several Pages? Who do you trust then? Where do you get your facts? This discussion is none. And its pointless. So everything is fine. Use whatever you like. And do not listen to opinions. Only your opinion counts, right? ;-) Bye.

@ices Never was much of a Safari user, so I didn't even know about the discontinuation of the extensions. Used Firefox before I switched to macOS and just continued. And I simply don't trust Chrome.

@ices What do you mean by cuts Safari extensions?

@js Extension Gallery is taken down. Extensions habe to be in the App Store

@ices So why is that a bad thing? It means extensions are now properly sandboxed and your adblocker can no longer steal all your login credentials.

@js Right, but not all extensions will be possible in the new format

@ices Like what? AFAIK you can still have extensions that modify content?

@js @ices The main issue is that the APIs for running code to determine whether a web request should be blocked has been removed. This means that more advanced blocker extensions (e.g. uBlockOrigin and uMatrix) cannot be implemented on Catalina.

(there's also a slew of other extensions that are going to die because nobody wants to pay $100/yr to publish a browser extension)

@shadowfacts @ices I don't think you need to pay those $100/yr other than for iOS apps, do you?

@js @ices you also do for MAS apps, which are used as the container for the new extensions

@shadowfacts @ices But don't need to publish via the Mac App Store and can just use attestation?

@js @ices notarization? Probably, I'm not sure

But then there's still the problem of no request blocking APIs

I get why the did it, but I care less about performance and battery life on my computer than on my phone...

@ices Safari cuts support for extensions, like uBlock and 1password? wtf?

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