I hope one day open source smart hardware is as pretty as proprietary hardware. As superficial as it is, aesthetics can really sell me on a device.

Thunderbird 78 rolls out with various UI redesigns, including a much improved dark mode. Also, integrated PGP / GPG support.


Hey :) This is an account for karrot - an open source community organising platform focused on resource saving and sharing.

We're currently being used by a bunch of groups around Europe who save and share food from being wasted (see karrot.world/#/groupPreview), but heading towards general community organising uses too.

We're into stuff like participatory design, democratic process, non/less-hierarchical structure.

We're open source (you can use our main instance, or self-host).


Yoga has been so incredibly positive for me and I’m only a week and a half in. Where life tells you to be small, hunch over, stay quiet, you’re not good enough, Yoga tells you to stand up tall, take up space, be proud of yourself, there is no “good” or “bad” just “practice”

Hallo, wir haben einen Artikel darüber geschrieben wer wir sind und was wir machen. Eignet sich hier gut als Vorstellung für unsere erste Nachricht auf mastodon. gnupg.com/blog.html

can you imagine being coerced into a career? I'm so glad that that doesn't happen in America

anyway, learn to code or you'll probably starve to death

bluetooth kopfhörer erleichtern mein leben mehr als ich es mir vorgestellt hätte

there is too much antagonism instead of patient explaining in our age

why is moxies "the ecosystem is moving" not accessible?

i wish information on upstream contributions from downstream would be more accessible

i feel like average user desktop distributions should be rolling, not cutting edge

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