Are you using a screen reader to access Mastodon?

If you are unable to take part in polls, feel free to reply.

If you are using a screen reader, why are you?

Feel free to reply if you cannot take part in polls or if the options are inadequate.

These results are obviously not representative of the complete user bases of these platforms, but I still find them interesting. About 2% of the users taking part in the poll use a screen reader to access Mastodon.

Of those who answered the follow-up question, only two thirds use a screen reader because they are dependent on it because of some kind of impairment or disability. The rest relies on screen readers out of personal preference.

Some explained their preference in the replies: Some prefer to listen to long texts instead of reading them, finding it less taxing. One person likes to learn about the contents of an image before deciding whether to look at it.

@illdfn If there are long texts, i like someone reading that text to me. There are some instances which regularly have more than 1000 characters in posts.

@illdfn Sometimes I will just lie back and use a screenreader, it's much less stress on my back and sometimes using my eyes is annoying.

However I don't do this often anymore because TalkBack is so annoying

@illdfn i don't know what à screen reader is ?

@illdfn @Pngt I often use TTS for fedi but not a full screen reader; I use msync download textual versions of timelines (it's a store-and-forward client) and TTS to read them. So there's some overlap (e.g. I benefit from alt-text) but it's def not a proper screenreader; it's just shell scripts using grep, sed, and espeak.

@illdfn even if I'm not using a screen reader, image descriptions are sometimes useful to me

@illdfn Not sure what the intention of this question is. So I am going to tell you anyways... :D that I really like picture descriptions because it means i can read the content and do not have to decipher odd visual jokes etc or look at nsfw/nsfl stuff i don't wanna see.

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