Can you recognise images on a computer screen with your eyes?

Do you require optical aids like glasses to recognise images on a computer screen with your eyes?

You can answer “Yes“, if you require optical aids to see them sharply.

@bandie If you need aids to see images sharply, it’s fine to answer “Yes“ in the first poll. I added a second one to ask for optical aids.


What do you mean "recognize images" ?
Recognize that they are images or recognize details on the image ?

Also, at default software resolution or by agrandizing them (which is a way to avoid wearing glasses) ?

More generally , do you get individual data of who answered what, and what do you do with this data (if you have it) ?

@lienrag I mean recognise the contents of the image, not the fact that there is an image.

Any resolution is fine.

As far as I can tell, it is not technically possible for me to see individual replies to a poll on Mastodon, and I am not interested in collecting individual data. I would like to get a rough overview over the percentage of people who’d benefit from textual image descriptions and the reasons why people need or prefer them.

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