Our ancestors looked at the stars, found patterns, and told stories. It's what people do.
But stars move. Now the Power constellation looks nothing like the glyph. But use this star instead of that, and it looks like the Hope glyph.
We can tell new stories. It's what people do.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Dank der cloud act ist der ist der Speicherort der Daten irrelevant.


Siehe auch das Urteil der Europäische Gerichtshof zur Privacy Shield.


Zoom hat hat den Sitz inder USA, ist also nicht DSGVO-konform.


Have a look at the infrastructure review, the stats for are presented.

@wmd @c3lingo
For efficiency reasons, the distribution of talks to translators is split between the first and second channel.
For the second channel, languages with few translators (this year pl and ru) have their pick of talks, then languages with more translators like spanish and french.
There is currently no way to have further parallel translations as it would mean more booth and expensive hardware.

@wmd What you heard has no basis in fact.
I wonder what is the intention behind spreading such rumors.

Körmeritzstrasse auf höhe Bahnhoff Mitte gerade blockiert.


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