For F-Droid users:

Firefox Klar, Firefox Lite, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, and IceCat Mobile don't get updates since there are no maintainers.

Just an addition:
If you want to use the stock Firefox version, you can install the FFUpdater app. FFUpdater can be found on F-Droid.

IcaCat hasn't been getting updates for a rwally long time now. Also no Fennec update yet...

@aladar @infosechandbook icecat just got an update, which will go live in the next few days.

@aladar @infosechandbook but this is still a situation of the previous maintainer (who did this update) not using an android phone anymore. This is not sustainable.

Seems like Mozilla really shot themselves in the foot with their rewrites

@infosechandbook @Coffee Last time I checked, Firefox Lite was still including some non-free libraries.


I think bromite is a good browser, top notch privacy and security, active development and regular updates. They also have their own FDroid repo.

Theres also an 'unofficial' Firefox fdroid repo. Has all the different firefox android apps scraped from Mozillas github - latest versions of the official builds, signed by Mozilla.

@infosechandbook Or to be more clear: Whenever possible, pick a distribution channel provided by the developer.

@juliank @infosechandbook You do realize that for a good percentage of apps the developer distributed versions contain additional proprietary tracking libraries which are not present in the f-droid version?

@Bubu @juliank @infosechandbook yeah, even "trustworthy" orgs like Mozilla use proprietary libs in pretty much all of their official builds. The problem isn't F-Droid, it's shitty devs.

@a_cat @Bubu @infosechandbook

It should have been obvious that this was an overstatement. What you want is upstreams working with f-droid, ensuring their stuff gets build.

It's what I do. That said, I've had f-droid not build new versions for 2 weeks or so, it's not going well.

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