Firefox – DoH enabled by default for US users:

– Today, Mozilla enabled DNS over HTTPS (DoH) by default for users in the USA.
– DNS requests are sent to Cloudflare by default. However, NextDNS can be selected.
– Trusted DNS resolvers are listed here:

I wonder how much money Mozilla got for that / get for every client

Also if the Browser doesn't trust the own system, it's time to don't trust the browser.

@infosechandbook actually does anyone know a convenient way to install icecat on debian lol


It depends on your VPN provider. Some VPN providers might only forward your HTTP/HTTPS traffic, but might not resolve your DNS requests. You can go to to identify your DNS resolver. If you are connected to your VPN provider and your DNS resolver is still your ISP, then a dedicated DoH/DoT resolver is needed if you want to use this.

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