Security tip:

Many people recommend that you frequently update your software packages. However, sometimes updating packages isn't sufficient. If an update introduces or deprecates settings, then you may also need to change configuration files.

For instance, on Arch Linux, some package updates create a modified *.pacnew file. Look for such files (find / -name "*.pacnew" on your system, compare them with the existing file (diff -y conf conf.pacnew), and act accordingly.



Indeed, but not everybody has pacman installed. So the best way to check this depends on your Linux distribution.

The important part was that people (esp. server admins) should update their package configurations from time to time.


On my Debian-based systems, a dialog box is shown that lets you choose how to proceed (e.g., use new conf file, keep old conf file).

Besides, "DIY distros" are also very stable. We run Arch Linux on several severs without any issues for several years.


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