Yesterday, we removed our accounts on GitLab, Keybase, Session, and Threema. There are at least two reasons for our decision:

1) Only 3% of the communication with our readers happened via these services.
2) These services don't offer any additional features that we need at the moment.

We may also remove our Dat mirror and Mastodon account. We evaluate this in the upcoming weeks.

@infosechandbook really hope you don't delete your mastodon account. it might not be how people contact you, but it allows infosec knowledge to reach a wide community that is not going to be regularly visiting your website.

People may not contact you via Fediverse, but consider your posts as microblog. For example, I have your Mastodon account added in my feedreader and just read along

@infosechandbook Removing the others doesn't affect me but I personally enjoy and value the content posted here. If you're not already, take into account the number of followers the Fediverse profile has—2k is nothing to scoff at, especially in such a niche space.

@infosechandbook remove the this account? Please no!

Could you elaborate why? 7% of contacts came from here. You have 2000+ followers. If it's "interaction" like boosts you are missing, then I'd say that's because the content you post is very authoritative and "twitter" appropriate. Fediverse is about actual people talking with each other. Posting links and expecting growth is not the fedi way :)

I love and read the stuff you post :) but it just doesn't incite interaction… yet :)

@infosechandbook Hope you would stay 😌. We may not interact, but we are still reading.

@infosechandbook Huh, a 7.4% is still rather impressive. Especially for a direct contacting ratio since most microblogging tend to be rather passive consumption on posts (much like with normal blogs)

@infosechandbook I didn't know that so many contact you via email even when there are so many alternatives. I think I should shift to email communication with you guys.
Whether you want to remove mastodon account is your decision but I suggest you to post it here before you remove



Email is the original open source, federated Internet-based communications.😊

Hi @infosechandbook,

really wish you stay here with us on Mastodon 🙂

For me, I discovered you here. And your variety of options for getting in touch with you inspired us to add some more to our website 📨 This list was really impressive! I can relate why it was too much work for the benefits gained.

There might not be a lot of interaction, I see. Though 2k followers is quite a lot here. Maybe share some "Behind the scenes" or more hints like as conversation starters? 🗨

@infosechandbook So dropping services because little contact happens there is comparable to not supporting certain languages because only a minority speaks them. IMO that's neglecting minority groups.

And yes I know that everyone has email and therefore you won't actually lose possibility to contact them, but still, the argument disturbs me.

@infosechandbook Hope you keep the Mastodon. If it weren't for this I wouldn't know you existed

@infosechandbook please keep this account. It is a valuable feed of information for many people.

@infosechandbook more than 2000 followers on Mastodon, and you are evaluating to leave here? Why? Is posting some news in the Fediverse exhausting your power? Do you have a newsletter for people to follow you?

@infosechandbook please stay!
This is the primary way I follow you and I would miss you if you left.
I know one follower doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I am sure I am not the only one in the same situation. :)

@infosechandbook Keep your Mastodon account! Doing so doesn't take much maintenance, and it is important to help open social media platforms gain critical mass. The major platforms have poor security and no privacy.



Please replace your human managed Mastodon account with a newsfeed bot! Little effort for you, great value for us.
Thank you!

@infosechandbook I hope you stay. I may not be contacting you but I am following and reading. Email newsletters are not my thing.

@infosechandbook really wish you don't drop off this network. Email is not a reasonable way to get info from you, so you would simply drop off the map for me.

@infosechandbook It seems to be a weird decision (but we must respect nevertheless), given RSS and the Fediverse (Mastodon) are the only ways you provide to others so they can follow your work.
Taking the number of contacts as the only input doesn't tell the whole picture.

Considering the relative rarity of your blog posts, I think it would be a mistake to stop using Mastodon as a comms channel.


Removing your fediverse account is a bad idea..
It is a great way to communicate out your massage to your audience. People might follow you here on Fediverse and just actually use the "Contact" link that you have provided on your profile. And considering that you have that link on your profile I find it very strange that you are considering to remove your mastodon account because "people are not contacting you here".

@selea There's also something to be said for 'build it and they will come'. Without content and activity on the #Fediverse, it won't grow.

By establishing yourself here, you have a head start when others realise the importance of the platform(s)


I agree 100%!

And they claim that they want to initiate contact or discussion with their followers. I find it quite hard if they do not engage in conversation themselves and does not follow other people.

This feels like a typical example of "taking but not giving back".

@infosechandbook while this is the first time I contact you, I *did* find out about you, only on the fediverse.

So, at least for N=1, mastodon acted as a channel to reach a new audience. Maybe it doesn't work for communication, for you, and maybe as a channel for exposure, it not worth the effort, I cannot know that.

Just my €0.02

@infosechandbook I too would miss the information you post here. I can only speak for myself but I read and found you only on this platform and even if I am not communicating that much or interact with you here doesn't mean that I appreciate your intel you spread.

So please stay?

@infosechandbook Perhaps consider looking at dynamics, not only percentage. Is it 3% and growing, or falling? Think about the future.

@infosechandbook I hope you won't remove your mastodon account. I just found out about your presence here. Since then, I am a happy follower of your content.

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