Monthly review, May 2020:

– news: attacks on hardware, Permissions Policy
– tip: auto-mounting a secondary LUKS-protected disk
– internal: 2020 spring cleaning

@infosechandbook I have a rss2toot bot setup, so you can leave the fedi :)

Nice post! Especially the LUKS guide, I stole some bits from it.

Personally I’m using udiskie and pass to decrypt the LUKS password on demand: password_prompt: ["pass", "shared/usb/{id_uuid}"] This gives me a per-device long keys that are automatically backed up with all my passwords.

If I had to suggest something on your post it would be to stress the importance of backing up LUKS passwords. I did also move to longer alphanumeric passwords (with the same entropy as your /dev/random one) just in case I need to type it during recovery.

As for Mastodon I can totally relate to these pains — actually I did write my own ActivityPub client to write longer replies instead of short blurbs (point 3.). As for updates (point 2.) I think this is a Mastodon limitation (maybe by design?) as it’s supported by ActivityPub:

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