Signal introducing message requests and calls on Signal Desktop (beta):

– Message requests give more control over your profile data when you join groups or somebody tries to contact you for the first time.
– Signal Desktop introduces one-to-one voice and video calls for beta testers.

@infosechandbook they should also add local password for Signal Desktop

@infosechandbook yet they haven't added the ability to mute notifications on Desktop in four fucking years


signalapp seems to be a bot of unknown origin. The official signalapp account on Twitter posted the news, though.

Hello ,

I tried opening a Signal account behind Tor and using a temporary online SMS service as you suggested on one article about Signal.

But didn't succeed. Sometimes I can't pass the 'human verification', others I don't receive any SMS OTP on the online SMS service...

Is there any specific SMS service you tested ? ,

Alright, I'll give it another try soon. The must disturbing part is the never-ending 'human verification' loop :confused:

Thank you for the answer!
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