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Hi, since I've never done a proper , I might as well do it now:

Bike dude 🚴‍♂️, shitty guy 🤦‍♂️, programmer by day and night 🖥️, Lovecraft follower 🐙, Modular tinkerer 🎚️, Music addict 🎹, Dreamer ⛅, Child at heart ❤️

I think a lot about , , , , , and how to be a better human.

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Own the pandemic, keep smiling, wear a mask.

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Your password must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one forgotten rune, and one unspeakable horror

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The question isn't whether people "care" about #privacy or not. Everyone does. The question is if they understand that less privacy is a #social issue, not just a #personal one. The question is if they understand what it actually means to be on commercial social media; who they're feeding & how. The question is if they have any other option.

It's the #capitalists we're fighting - not the "workers". So be kind, & keep #fighting, #thinking, #making, #feeling, #saying, #doing.


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Während die Gaskrise Deutschland fest im Griff hat, ist im brandenburgischen Feldheim kaum etwas von den hohen Energiepreisen zu spüren. Denn der kleine Ort versorgt sich schon seit Jahren selbst mit Strom und Wärme. Möglich macht das ein durchdachtes System mit Vorbildcharakter.

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If anyone is looking for a good RSS reader, I highly recommend yarr (

It's a statically-compiled Go binary that you can either run locally or on a server. You can import/export OPML feeds, organize feeds into folders, have it auto-refresh, and view content directly in the app instead of having to go to the website directly (assuming the feed doesn't just contain summaries).

I've found it much better and easier to use than alternatives like newsboat.

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Ich habe gehört, dass unter dieser URL

der #Fernsehfilm "Aufbruch ins Ungewisse" aus dem Jahre 2017 für #3Tage verfügbar sein soll.

"Die Dystopie zeichnet in Umkehrung der zeitgenössischen Verhältnisse das Bild von Europäern aus der Mittelschicht, die sich aufgrund der politischen Situation in ihrer Heimat gezwungen sehen, nach Afrika zu fliehen."

#Migration #Flucht #Asyl #Faschismus #Rollentausch

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@aligyie @team This is the current federation status for Gitea:

I'm primarily working on getting this PR merged right now:

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We're harvesting around 10-15 lbs of produce every other day at the moment. Growing enough to feed ourselves, store for winter, and share with others. We're doing it all organically on about 1772 ft² (0.04 acre) in an urban area. We're not just feeding humans, but also a large population of insects and wildlife that have moved in as well. I share all of this because I want others to know how very possible it is to cultivate abundance for yourself and everything around you. 💚 🌿

#garden #garten

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did two MNT Reform customer motherboard repairs. the problems were surprising:
- on board one, eDP link failed. solution was to replace U10 (SN65DSI86)
- board two consumed massive power when idle. Q17 was burning hot. the solution was to remove schottky D5 which was shot (weird)

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The in-progress version of the user settings panel is now deployed on this instance at:

If you have a GoToSocial instance / account of your own, you can use this panel to log in to your own account (just fill in your own instance url) and try it out :)

All data is stored in your browser, not on the superseriousbusiness server.

Please note that not all functionality will work yet, so you may see some errors setting language and post preferences. But you should be able to set your bio and header / avatar.

Feedback very welcome!

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"In der Schule habe ich gelernt, dass die Polizei Recht und Gesetz durchsetzt. Hier hat sie es gebrochen. Und wir haben Recht und Gesetz gegen die Polizei durchgesetzt."

Schade nur, dass man Gerichte dafür bemühen muss, dass sich die Polizei an Gesetze hält. #bka #staatstrojaner #finfisher

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🔐 ☁️ die eigene Cloud
📆 Heute Di. 26. Juli
🕖 19:00 Uhr
📍 Infoladen Rabia,

🎯 Dieser richtet sich an alke die, die ihre zurück haben möchten und eine eigen kleine für sich, der WG, Familie und/oder Freunde betreiben möchten.

✊ Ausbruch aus den Walled-Gardens vom - Für ein freies und selbstbestimmtes !

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Ich habe noch NIE so viele Frauen auf Leihscootern und so viele Menschen mit ihren Falträdern gesehen wie in #Barcelona.
Ich glaube fest daran, dass Falträder der Einhornpups sind, die das Pendeln revolutionieren werden.

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We just made a release candidate (rc1) for v0.3.8 of GoToSocial!

We're trying to be a bit more careful with releases from now on, to avoid introducing regressions and issues by moving too fast.

Adventurous GtS admins: if you feel like testing v0.3.8-rc1, it's available right now and your feedback would be very much appreciated!

binaries can be downloaded and installed as normal from:

the docker tag is superseriousbusiness/gotosocial:0.3.8-rc1

full release notes will appear for the proper v0.3.8 release when it's ready, but for now you can see the changes in the changelog :)

“A web extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter, Instagram… requests to alternative privacy friendly frontends and backends”

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People still do this wrong. High temperature:
❌ close windows
❌ open windows
✔️ uninstall Windows

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Spent some time this afternoon making my MOTD cuter for when I ssh into my servers. :blobcatpenguin:

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Wir kaufen Bausparverträge, Immobilien, Bitcoin und NFTs.
Sorgen uns um unsere Rente und unsere Lebensversicherung.
Wir sorgen vor, legen an, planen weit im voraus,
Als ob es bliebe wie wir denken, dass es sei.

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