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Die schönsten Dinge im Leben findet man, wenn man sie nicht sucht.

We have released v0.8.0!

Some highlights:

- Better federation support
- Mobile UI updates
- Faster timelines
- Lightbox full screen previews
- Cleaner carousels
- Help Center updates
- New landing page
- Improved APIs to support mobile apps like @tom79

and more! #pixelfed

"puh, wir müssen doch keine konsequente klimapolitik machen, ich hab ein kind im mc donalds erwischt! bin ich nicht klug?!"


Boost this toot and I’ll pull a tarot card for you.

If you want interesting news articles about the Fediverse, you ought to follow the WeDistribute blog:


It's written by alternative social media veteran @sean

WeDistribute runs on a combination of Wordpress and the Pterotype plugin (which adds Fediverse compatibility to Wordpress sites).

#Fediverse #Blogs #Pterotype

The first ZX Spectrum prototype. This is what stuff looks like while being developed. Don’t forget that or fear it. It’s easy to forget in an age when we only ever see the shiny façades of technology – whether that’s hardware or software. No one gets it right from the start, it’s always messy, always iterative and you never have all the answers and, heck, half the challenge is figuring out whether you’re even asking the right questions to begin with.

I'm shipping MicroUI this weekend, feel like it is long overdue.

It's not perfect and still needs some work but it will be an exciting experiment! #pixelfed #pixeldev #microUI

Abermals Hinweis auf diese klasse Liste mit praktischen Mastodon-Tools. Unter anderem ein Bookmarklet zum Vertröten von Artikeln:

Still, I guess I want to understand what the core problems are, or the core motivations for living a FLOSS lifestyle. Even as someone who uses an Ubuntu laptop and a damn LineageOS phone that breaks half the time, I still don't quite understand.

Am I trying to maximize freedom? Privacy? Utility? Some imagined ideal of computing that used to exist, but isn't really relevant anymore? Honestly I don't know. I guess that's my answer for now. Fin.

Worte zum Sonntag

Es beginnt, ohne dass ein Schlachtruf erklingt,
es marschiert nicht, sondern sickert ein,
durch die ewig gleiche Litanei,
und bevor du es merkst bist auch du mit dabei.

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