Ich liege noch im Bett und draußen heult der Wind.🥰

"I’ve written about how Disney is increasingly a large private equity firm disguised as an entertainment giant, that Iger’s tenure is more about pushing legal boundaries and market power than actual creative output. Today, however, that’s what good business means. So it’s fitting that he wins this accolade. He deserves it."


"In fact, much of what Disney is doing is rebooting popular brands, not creating new stuff from scratch. Fans of, say, Home Alone were quite upset when they learned that Disney would be remaking the franchise, just as Star Wars fans are increasingly frustrated at the direction of the stories they love. I don’t mean to say that fans are right, or that we shouldn’t make more of these iconic storylines. What’s happening though is that the risk is being pulled out of film."

them: what app is that?

me: um...it's just a social media thing...

them: oh? Can I-?

me: no no! this is, uh, a network for gay witches for communism. you wouldn't be interested...

What I like about the is going through the global timeline and answering questions random people have. 😊

I really must get a new phone soon, and I definitely want a degoogled one.

But, one of the few apps that I really like to use is the banking app of my bank. It's available on Google Play and iTunes Store. With a degoogled phone those options are not available.

There seems to be a lot of apk versions of it to download, but being a bank app I wouldn't trust them too much.

So, is there a way I could get the apk directly from Google Play myself without using a google-infested phone?


twitter decentralization, in the news 

So the Verge article for which I wrote some thoughts about Jack Dorsey announcing #Bluesky is out and it used only a few sentences from what I came up with, so I wanna share the full thing...

I was asked, if Twitter did indeed adopt #ActivityPub instead of coming up with something new, would it be better or worse for the decentralized social web?

I wonder if Skeleton King Leoric is waiting below that church?

so many interesting fedi developments aaaaa i'm so happy we're all working on this stuff

Fakenews und Neuland

Bei dieser Mischung muss es einem kalt den Rücken runterlaufen. Und doch gibt es so etwas. Ich war die letzten Wochen in Rom. Schön. Doch jedes Mal soll ich dann von diesen grusligen Geschichten erzählen. - Ein Gastbeitrag von Hannes.


Since I've moved servers, it might be a good time for an #introduction #introductions:

I make #synthesizers and am very interested in #synthdiy. I made a big modular #synth from scratch and want to help others do the same. I like to dabble in code, especially where #technology and #music meet.

I love #techno, #dub, #salsa, #jazz, #experimental, #ambient, and more.

I'm neurodivergent (ask me about my brain!) and do my best to be the best ally I can be. As a straight white guy it's my duty.


ello! i'm melissa, i'm 21, she/her. i'm into emulator development, and i'm very bad at socializing, so if i ever make you uncomfy please let me know!!

Ich bin zwar noch immer ur müde und das werde ich wohl bleiben aufgrund der chronischen Erkrankung aber der depressive Teil fällt endlich weg und das fühlt sich so schön an und ich bin so froh, dass ich bei einer Psychiaterin war, hätte ich schon viel früher tun sollen

Wenn ihr euch da draussen depressiv fühlt dann geht zum Arzt und sucht euch Hilfe! Gerade in der dunklen kalten Weihnachtszeit sind viele Menschen depressiv. Ich hab viel zu lange an meinem Zustand nix verändert und das war falsch und ich bin so froh, dass ich beim Arzt war
Ich gehe jetzt in Therapie und mein Psychotherapeut ist ur nett und ich nehme die Antidepressiva Brintellix und sie helfen mir ur gut. Ich fühle mich nicht mehr ur scheisse und ich heule nicht mehr ständig grundlos.

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