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We built Beeper on Matrix, the open source federated messaging protocol. All of our ‘bridges’ which connect Beeper to other chat networks are open source, available on our Gitlab. You can run our backend stack on your own server or pay for our hosted option.


@inhji Why is everyone building these tools so they break end2end encryption… 😩
Could be such a neat thing if it would retain the end2end encryption for the involved protocols, dammit…

it just feels super strange that we are seeing e2ee silently being broken again after so much effort is being put into getting it in the first place…

@cherti okay, did not know any of that. I will stay away from these multi messengers then, as tempting as they are from perspective of a user.

@inhji yeah, they are super-tempting.
but unfortunately in the end, everyone is just building on top of things like signald and hooking it up via Matrix instances, no one is actually putting in the work to properly implement it. It's also not obvious, as both systems do offer e2ee in principle, and you wouldn't imagine someone simply breaking e2ee (on their servers…). But yeah, someone does, because it's simpler, I guess, and don't even tell you… *sigh*

kinda like

@inhji (no one puts in the work except the people actually caring about the original system, namely most XMPP clients, signal-desktop and Matrix-Element, although the last for Matrix-chats only, everything else seems optional, given offers that same Signal bridge setup as a hosted-with-them solution… and technically WhatsApp and Threema? that's web clients, but at least e2ee ones, from what they say.)

Writing that, there aren't even that many properly encrypted messaging solutions…🤔

@cherti I guess some marketing department could turn this into "We offer you *double* E2E Encryption" 😄

Anyway, really appreciate this kind of educating rant.

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