@LaCrecerelle Yes :) A very small and nice device. Not perfect, but still great!

@inlovewithpda I have so many PDAs and small devices in my collection and this makes me jealous.

@LaCrecerelle I wanted one for a long time and then one day a collector from the USA just send it for free! the internet is great!

@LaCrecerelle @inlovewithpda yea, my thought aswell, much like the early vaio laptops.
and i must say, the backlit keyboard on that lil chap is unique!

@inlovewithpda I remember really wanting one of these back in the day.

@inlovewithpda Cute tiny device. I used one until its battery died. IT seems to me that the design is over-complicated and in some points impratical (its charging dock is terribly big and some buttons and edges are strange, too). Stylus is too tiny to be comfortable, too. Also the PalmOS was sometimes too limited to use full device's potential (in my opinion, the clamshell Sharp Zaurus devices were bulkier but easier to handle and often easier to use, too).

But it is cute. 🙂

@inlovewithpda wow. i loved all the qwerty phones. Had couple of them from HTC and Nokia...good times

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