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Apparently there's a sheep* on the tracks, so the subway can't go on. Right in the middle of Vienna.

*that's what I understood.. turned out they said "schadhafter Zug" ("damaged train") instead of "Schaf" 🤓

I took this picture back in May. It was not taken at a zoo, but at a wildlife rescue station in Austria, where this buzzard is cared for after an injury

I just got an overview of my unedited pictures and found this picture of an Anemone hepatica, which I took in April

RT de johnny :

I'm no friend of the #gewista motion ad displays in Vienna, but today I realized that my polarized sunglasses now work as ad-blockers for the physical world. 😎 #adblocker #Vienna

Well, something has changed: meanwhile I have developed a workflow that saves me a lot of work.

When I started photography, I hated editing every picture. Now, years later, nothing has changed.

I made a design drawing for the conversion of our campervan. Usually I do it by hand, as I learned at school, but maybe I find CAD quite exciting after all.

I used Sketchup for this, but now I'm looking for user-friendly open source software.

I am down to 57 gigabytes of unedited images :D

Here we live (mostly). I love the visual as well as the acoustic silence during the evening walks through the village

The oldest import folder dates from March 2018. Seems like I was pretty lazy.

Ugh. There are 67 gigabytes of unedited images 🙄

Why did I choose Alt+Ctrl+Shift+D as shortcut for converting a layer into a smart object? Neither there is a D in "convert", nor in "smart object"? 🤔

Even though it is not perfect (I don't even know where the focus is :D) I like this moody picture.

I just found about 220 gigabytes of music on our external storage. Do people still use mp3 players?

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