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I guess this will be some kind of "get to know me" thread, just with my favorite music 馃

Ugh. Actually I wanted to take a nap before work, but then my boss called and asked if I could start an hour earlier 馃檮

Instagram was ranked as the most toxic social media platform[0].

Pixelfed can do better but we need your help.

I'm organizing working groups to contribute solutions that improve platform safety.

Follow @PixelfedLabs for the latest updates!

0 -

Pop Quiz: What鈥檚 the difference between a Nazi who wants to use a platform to organize genocide and the FOSScists who want to allow Nazis on the platform?


Phew. Actually today is my day off, but somehow I cleaned up our storeroom and put the new shelf in it 馃挭

I've modified my tripod now, but I had to go to the hardware store twice. Ugh.

Actually I didn't want to leave the house again today, but now I want to modify my tripod, so I have to go to the hardware store

For some reason I have a tendency towards bands whose songs are fifteen minutes and longer 馃

Hey, a short notice. There is this person or group spamming misogynic nonsense all over the fediverse. We see your reports and block the accounts as they come in. Because of the amount of all these reportings we can't inform everyone of you that we've taken action. So please know that we handle the report.

Other reports are handled as usual.

We were outside and maybe going outside wasn't the best idea.

Today I did a small hike, which I unfortunately had to stop a little earlier, because a thunderstorm came up in the distance #hiking #nature #naturephotography #photography #austria #styria
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