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I guess this will be some kind of "get to know me" thread, just with my favorite music 🤔

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I must admit I hate visible watermarks in photos. They are not only easy to remove (AI-based tools like in Adobe Photoshop usually do a very good job in such cases), but also spoil most images.

In addition, copyright information can also be stored in the meta data of an image (and is equally easy to remove there). If someone wants to steal your picture, he does so.. the ugly watermark won't stop them.

I wonder why a social network developed in what is actually a very privacy-sensitive environment still does not provide encryption 🤔

What I hate most about the Vanlife community is the fact that there are usually only full-blown tumblresque clichés about this topic on social media.

Like, everyone has to post a picture of making coffee with a french press or some fancy vintage Bialetti at sunrise.

(I tell you: that's not reality.)

Welche erfahrenen Endokrinologis könnt ihr empfehlen, abgesehen von Dr. Schuler? #Berlin #HRT #trans

Bitte boosten :blobcatinnocent:

My boss called me today when I was helping in another branch and asked if I would like to have a week off after my week-long vacation, and now I have two weeks off.

Just deleted my birbsite accounts (again), because it's irrelevant and gives me absolutely nothing.

We just wanted to go to the Danube just outside of Vienna, but it's Sunday and the trains only run every two hours, so I guess we'll have to wait now.

Had a quite pleasant and somehow relaxing holiday (except for this one annoying person). Did a lot of work on the campervan, so i can plan my next steps. Tomorrow i will return to vienna and relax one more day before i have to work again.

Got up, had my coffee and now I’m waiting for the carpenter.

While everyone is making boring jokes about the current situation, I am planning the electrical installation and interior fittings of our camper van.

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