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I guess this will be some kind of "get to know me" thread, just with my favorite music 🤔

Here is the Fdroid decision on banning the fake-feminist Gab spin-off #Spinster:

👏 👏 👏

Just finished this page. If you’re sketching with ink and you use f.e. the G-TEC-C4, in can recommend the sketchbooks from Hahnemühle. The sketches don’t bleed trough and the paper is really thick. I like them a lot and they are easy to get around here #dailysketchchallenge #art #mastoart #sketching #inking

Picture of the sunrise that I took on my walk early in the morning on Sunday. Nothing special, I didn't even take the time to set the right exposure, because I underestimated the cold temperatures and therefore wasn't properly dressed. Brr.

#sunrise #styria #austria #hiking #nature #naturephotography #photography #nikon

kind of anti xmas 

I haven't taken any photos for a long time and it's starting to bug me, so I'll get up just before the golden hour tomorrow morning and take a little walk through the forest behind the house.

Hoag's Object: A Nearly Perfect Ring Galaxy

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble; Processing: Benoit Blanco #APoD

I've done the first tasks on my list, now will grab another coffee and then install Linux on my old ThinkPad T430 while researching for my trip next year.

I forgot to mention Poland. However, we will only pass through there.

So it's Sunday, and I'm already up at 8:30.

I'll grab a coffee and play a little Civilization VI, then do the dishes and then go over the details of my planned trip through the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia next year.

Another picture from my nocturnal mountain hike a few weeks ago, taken after sunrise when descending into the valley. Besides, I had no desire to edit the image in detail, so it's practically the way it came out of the camera.

#hiking #outdoors #styria #austria #alps #mountains #wanderlust #sunrise #nature #naturephotography #nikon

I have my day off tomorrow, so let's check the weather forecast.

I can't be at but I have a bunch of @Tusky stickers which should definitely be there. Who volunteers as official Tuskystickerdistributor?

Looking at older photos, I sometimes have to ask myself.. what the hell have I done there? Taking portrait shots at ISO400, f9 with 1/2500 of a second in bright daylight.. eh? 🤔

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