This is my favourite picture from 2019. It was the first time I prepared myself especially for a subject. I checked the weather forecast and sun position in advance and climbed up the mountain in the middle of the night. I hope I can do this more often this year.

It is interesting how this picture is liked more than a hundred times here, while I only have about a quarter of the followers I have on Birbsite, where the picture is liked about as often.

(This is not about counting followers or likes, it's more about the platform and the algorithms.)

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@inthedarkwelive That's an awesome picture! May I use it as a desktop background for my personal use?


Great pic! Where did you shoot it from?

@0 Thank you! I took the picture from an opposite mountain on whose summit I was waiting for the sunrise.

Thanks! I was interested in the name of the mountain or at least the general area.

@0 It is a region called Pölstal in Austria. The mountains you see are called Lachtal (at least I think so). The mountain I was on has no name, it's rather a rise along a ridge between several peaks (Rosenkogel - Lahneck - Glaneck - Kesseleck - Amachkogel - Hochleitenspitze – these are on the right side outside the picture).

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