Reminder that quitting vim with `:wq`, `:x`, or `ZZ` is dumb, you could just be going

` ps aux | grep vim | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9`
@tealturtle @Tel whenever I wanna close vim I just ring the power company and cancel my houses conneciton, then start a new connection immediately

@tA @tealturtle

That reminds me of the biggest "dumb, but it works" hack I've ever heard of. The USSR had a televised talent contest and wanted everyone to vote on their favourite performers. But the phone system wasn't up to the task, so they had people turn their lights on to signal approval, and off to signal disapproval. Then the power company measured demand to judge the winners.

@Tel @tA @tealturtle
In the 1950s, each television station's popularity was measured by the drop in city water pressure when it went to commercial.


@zillion @Tel @tA @tealturtle The UK National Grid employs someone to watch television each evening, because the end of popular programmes coincides with millions of people getting up and switching on electric kettles to make a cup of tea or flushing toilets.

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