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TFW you're trying to improve the safety and security of a software system and you get several people saying it's not possible to make it perfect, so it's not worth even trying.

If we had thought like that in 1991, you wouldn't be using Linux today.

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Not specifically a #SysAdmin tool, but really handy.

pcal is a calendar-generation program, which creates great looking postscript output.

Example: A4 landscape calendar for Oct, with Monday as first day.

pcal -B -F monday -o -P a4 10 2018

Very flexible package for creating lots of calendar formats. Plus in true *nix tradition can be added to a toolchain.

#CLI #FOSS #FLOSS #Linux #Unix

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Got scripting skills, basic server administration skills, and an interest in online rights? We’re looking for a Client Platform Engineer to administer, scale, and improve the security of our mixed-environment fleet of laptops and mobile devices. source:

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Also, while Apple is denying the Bloomberg reporting — here is the explanation for why they cut ties abruptly with SuperMicro. Notice it’s dodgy as hell. ht @mik235

Pleased with the number of USB charging points in MEX airport. It is so much more convenient than carrying your own transformer and rectifier circuits.

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If you are in Mexico City this week, come join us! Learn how Tor can help protect you online, find ways to get involved, and hack with us:

@_tj did you change your phone? Your signal safety number has changed.

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Pokémon was honestly years ahead of it's time by not only inventing cloud storage but also noting that it's just someone else's computer.

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@hibby @_tj Spoke too soon. Made a test call to a hackspace in Aachen but we can't get *inbound* calls. I think it is a NAT issue but I've not got time to debug it today.

Call 57north hacklab on eventphone vpn x1057. @hibby @_tj

Replacement seems happy. Not done this in a while.

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Preparing to hack the hackerspace at 57north hacklab. @hibby should be along shortly with more space hacking preparedness. Come along if you want to help out.

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Want to learn more about how the digital handcuffs of #DRM disempowers people? @OpenRightsGroup has you covered this #IDAD:

The new HSBC mobile banking app is making me seriously consider switching banks. I have managed to check my balance only once in about 3 months and that took being on the phone for a few hours first.

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