The arduino based - controlled - rgb leds I built in 2014 are still working.
I'm going to control them using

Today I received a gift. A wonderful Siemens T68D ! I'm looking forward to make it work!

S62 was produced by several companies: Auso, Fatme, Italtel and Face Standard. The aspect was always the same, but inside they where a little different.

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This is a couple of "Bigrigio" phones. Bigrigio is a nickname (it means double gray), the real name is S62 by Siemens.
The desk phone was extremely common at home, the wall phone was frequent in coffee shops.

This is a pair of Eta 80, produced in Yugoslavia by Iskra. Awesome style, thinking that they were designed in 1978.

Today I cleaned this rotary phone by Telenorma. It's very nice. Unfortunately I don't know the model and when it was produced. If anyone has information please let me know.

The box contains a phone!
It's a test phone by Italian company Fava. It was used by technicians in street cabinets. I like it!

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This week I received a new item bought online.
What does this leather box contains?
(It's easy!!!)

This is Gondola phone ("gondola" is the name of a traditional Venetian boat). Not a wonderful design, but the rotary dial is ingenious. The finger stop rotates 90 degrees, together with the wheel.

Grillo phone open. It's so compact that there wasn't space enough for the buzzer. It's inside the plug.

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I spent more than 1 hour to clean my Grillo phone. Very dirty, I had to use toothbrush and toothpick also. This phone is exhibited at the Moma in NY, thanks to his innovative design. I love it.

This is Rialto, by Siemens Auso. The name comes from the Rialto bridge in Venice. The rotary dial is strange, you have to press the button and turn until it stops.

Water, soap, alcohol, I cleaned my Ericofon. It was produced from 1954 by Ericsson. Amazing design.

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