This is Vindriktning, a cheap air quality sensor by Ikea. With a small mod, it can be integrated in using esp8266 and firmware.

I created an tool to find easily the pins and the mapping of a keypad.
This is a coffee vending machine keypad that I use as device.

Just received a Telcer Sirius phone.
I know the design is awful, but I think it was pretty in '70

New phone!
I found it on ebay, but it was too expensive and someone else bought it after few days.
Today my father made me a gift! ♥

Mate, dect, stickers, maneki neko, unicorn... I think I'm ready for

The arduino based - controlled - rgb leds I built in 2014 are still working.
I'm going to control them using

Today I received a gift. A wonderful Siemens T68D ! I'm looking forward to make it work!

S62 was produced by several companies: Auso, Fatme, Italtel and Face Standard. The aspect was always the same, but inside they where a little different.

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This is a couple of "Bigrigio" phones. Bigrigio is a nickname (it means double gray), the real name is S62 by Siemens.
The desk phone was extremely common at home, the wall phone was frequent in coffee shops.

This is a pair of Eta 80, produced in Yugoslavia by Iskra. Awesome style, thinking that they were designed in 1978.

Today I cleaned this rotary phone by Telenorma. It's very nice. Unfortunately I don't know the model and when it was produced. If anyone has information please let me know.

The box contains a phone!
It's a test phone by Italian company Fava. It was used by technicians in street cabinets. I like it!

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This week I received a new item bought online.
What does this leather box contains?
(It's easy!!!)

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