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Here's to the daughters of the void
Untold, unseen, unloved
Here's to not belonging to the fold
Seeking, seeing, healing.

Here's to independence and to truth
To strength that lives within
To commitment, integrity, freedom
And to love, radiant and vast.

It's dimensionally accurate enough for the parts to fit together nicely ☺️ the parts need some postprocessing love, but it's nice to see it come together preliminarily 😁

Some details and drawings. I'm especially proud of the side pieces. The slot running around the perimeter is for some RGB (yeah yeah I'm sorry lol). In between the sides and the main body there's also a 1mm light guide that I'm sure will make for a striking effect 😁

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The case is mostly designed, i just need to add some features to hold the MCU and usb breakout. Also I will probably section it. While i can (barely) fit the main case top ans bottom parts on my printer, they only fit upright. That'll make for one hell of a difficult print.

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Experiment :D

I've created a 51-page 'art book' that's like an ancient codex of fae creatures, with pages of illustrations, asemic writing, sketches, etc.

It's 'free or tip', available as a high res digital download PDF.

Created with MidJourney.

(I've hidden the artwork here because it's AI-generated which some people find disturbing to look at)

#AIArt #DigitalArt

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Die Welt rast immer schneller auf 1,5°C zu. Es gibt immer neue Klimakatastrophen, aber auch fossile Abhängigkeiten, die @OlafScholz aufbaut. Nun spricht er Menschen, die dagegen kämpfen, ab, sich ernsthaft zu sorgen & vergleicht sie mit Nazis.

And while chonky by modern standards, I want to make it nowhere near as tall as the original. That would be an ergonomic nightmare. Although i think il angle the back like the original. That's just a better look

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I also completely gave up on trying to make centered switches for the 1.5u keys work. There's just no way to make an adapter without needing them to be way too tall not to result in a wobbly mess. So instead I'll keep the off centeredness of the original, and call it a hommage.

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The design philosophy is basically trying to emulate something like a modern gasket mount in a chonky vintage inspired case with plenty of resonant spaces for maximum clack.

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Progress on my C64 Replica Keyboard. I'll have to figure out some clever way to mount the baseplate while keeping the screws accessible.

Cuter, but still substantial. I may modularise this whole idea.

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More than one spools worth of filament lol. This thing is large. And my filament runout sensor doesn't work. No choice but to make it smaller then...

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