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[among us girl walks in on the dota game]
ni sitter här i *Venten*?? sus!!!!
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Electrified privacy screens for laptops when.

Saw dell laptops have a software-controlled aperture webcam cover and thought "this is neat" before thinking 5 seconds and realizing it's a terrible idea.

The whole point of webcam covers is that you don't trust the hardware.

took me way too long to realize the reason `systemctl status blabla\x3d.service` failed was because bash was doing escapes on that backslash lol

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\x3d in the systemd service name what's it doin there

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@ leipzig flughafen. which one of you was this 😂

can someone snap a pic of the pixelflut for me? (the one @

i should look into getting one of those DECT phones next c3 :3


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