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"What is your wish," the genie asked.
"Can you make me immortal?"
"No, but I can give you the ability to stop and start aging."
"Why would I want to start aging?"
"You can only form memories while you are aging."
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Hey folks,
maybe these links have already passed around, but right now is "Rock am Ring" festival in Germany and Deutsche Telekom is providing live streams. You can use their website (😒) or instead use the direct video links for Kodi/VLC/etc:


sysadmin joke, xkcd rework 

. . . as if the targeted advertisements on facebook couldn't get any creepier.


sudo npm install -g --run-with-scissors --poke-bees --no-brakes --yolo

Remember how there weren't custom emoji and everyone was like ehh we don't need them we didn't have them on twatter .. and now they're like the only ones anyone ever use

Warum manche Leute nicht wählen gehen, ist mir unverständlich. Ich zelebriere das immer als das, was es für mich ist: Ein ganz besonderer Moment.
Ich bin so dankbar, dass wir solche Wahlen haben. Dieses Privileg nicht zu nutzen, kommt für mich nicht in Frage.

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