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Took my xkcd book to work - maybe it will help me through the day.

5 Centimeters per Second - no spoiler but reaction 

@JPEG Feature request: If a toot has only one picture attached, the area next to the photo (yellow boxes) should be tap-able (open the toots detail-view). Right now the area is just dead and it feels strange having this much “lost”.

@JPEG Very Minor bug: “What’s happening?” is still displayed in the compose screen if you insert a custom emoji first (without any other user input)

Good: my server/domain are now reachable via IPv6
Bad: Gitea/mariadb connection is now broken and I am clueless :loading:

I love Apples decentral AirDrop system, but it would be way better if you had a „receive in background“ option.

- First time something got stolen from me at a event.
If you see my Hudroa Big Wheel Gen V 230 labled with "leyrer 5392" on the handlebar and white LEDs, please grab it and call me.

shock-proof database tables so you can drop them safely

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