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Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

Pleroma 1.0.1 OTP releases can be found here:

they are still building, but they include the OStatus spoofing fixes and MRF transparency exclusion feature.

Backdoor discovered in Ruby "strong password" library, takes your "strong passwords" and uploads them into a pastebin

Hi, do you believe me when I say we need ocap security yet

das FlensburgerKlamottenKollektiv, präsentiert sein Sommershirt!
Bio, fair produziert und küstenerprobt. Jetzt auf klicken und uns unterstützen.

Zu hell für euch? Die Neon-Chaos Shirts könnt ihr jetzt auch bekommen:

Created a copy of the date, deleted all partitions and created fresh ones, copied the data back: Just 90 minutes in total. 😎

Turns out resizing and creating partitions on a 200GB SD card can take ~3 hours. 😒
Well, it's just usb2 internally 😕

Pleroma Releases 1.0!

Pleroma, the Elixir-based fediverse communication platform, has finally pushed out a stable 1.0 release!

My cyberpunk adventure game where a social worker for homeless robots tries to stop a conspiracy of post-human trillionaires to impoverish the 99%, destroy Earth's biosphere, and live in space-resorts.
Help me pay rent and have food!

[🇩🇪-only] Ich habe gerade Plastikpost abbestellt. Du kannst 26 Kilo Papier und 52 Plastiktüten im Jahr sparen:

Finally finished my little project:
‘Smart’ Sonoff Power Socket/Extension

I’m trying to solder some pins onto a board right now and let me tell you:
You don’t wanna be in the same room right now 🤬

Set up a TOR relay node at home again. 🌐 (because, why not. I’m not using my bandwidth 2/3 of the day anyway.)

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