Hey Linux folks, I need a recommendation.
I’m looking for a CLI tool for encrypted containers, that I can then sync with multiple clients (via syncthing).

The tool/crypto should have been audited and a additional macOS implementation would be great.

Right now I’m looking at something like gocryptfs (, but other ideas are welcome!

@jan_j No I had never used it, I've only heard of it at a lecture, at I think it where the Chemitz Linux Days and thaught, that it sounded pretty interesting

@blackfireburns I want to store content (backups) in a mountable encrypted container.

I did wonder why no-one had suggested Veracrypt yet, given how cross-platform it is, but I presumed that they must know a flaw that I don't?

@dheadshot @jan_j it was audited as truecrypt and the veracrypt people fixed the issues found. but that's just me

@dheadshot @blackfireburns I use VeraCrypt on my desktops and have good experience with it. I'm not sure about the current security status, but "okay" *shrug*.

Still, I think a giant encrypted box (container file) might not be the best solution when syncing through syncthing. That's why I'm looking for something chunck/file based.

@QWxleA Wollte erst einmal hier fragen. Größere Linux bubble hier (gefühlt)

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