@JPEG also while composing this toot I had problems continue writing, as the attached images where blocking the view of the written text.

@JPEG Hi, I have some bugs with Mast‘s instance emoji integration.
Right now I have multiple problems:
- Sometimes it shows all IE in the compose windows from both added accounts (two different instances)
Of course only the current instances Emoji will work when posted. (pic1)
- Sometimes it will not load all emojis from both instances, but instead just stops after a few (pic2)
- Sometimes the IE will get repeated (instance 1 emoji, insta. 2 emoji, insta. 1 emoji again)

I can actually see from my Pi-Hole statistics when I arrived home, felt asleep and woke up again. (purple bar is my phone) 🤓

My first talk today: “Passwörter, 2FA und der Politikerhack” (Talk by @myfrosch)

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