I’m quite happy with the result, as I have never applied nail polish before. Definitely need more practice. 💅

Sadly I have to remove it before work tomorrow, as our hygiene standards don’t allow it (food processing company).

(Also: it’s weird to photograph my hand/nails. I don’t like it 🙈)

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@ordnung Hi, das Cert für chaos.social deckt leider nicht die Subdomain des Blogs ab. Mögt ihr dort bei Zeiten mal drauf schauen? Danke :blobpats:

Fresh… Christmas Strawberries‽ 🍓 (yep, that’s a photo from my balcony)

Now that macOS 11 is out, it’s finally time to update to macOS 10.15, right?
(Also ‚hacked‘ Catalina, since this is a MacBook5,2)

Got my new last Friday and loving these pictures I took.
The ultra-wide lens is a neat new option 📸📸

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