This evening’s sunset had an amazing orange β€” hard to capture in a photo, tho.

My first Banana Pi 🍌!
(got it for 14,50€ - couldn’t resist)

Fascinating and disappointing.
Even with the Background App Refresh disabled and without opening the app in over a year, (the game) *Badland* collects data (?) and connects to their servers every day.
That's something I expect from FB, but not from a β€œnice indie studio” located in Helsinki.
(Also did not respond to my question on Twitter)

One of my favourite coding/monospace fonts got a huge update: FireCode 2
If you like (to try) ligatures in your editor you should definitely give it a go:

Yeah, thanks ο£Ώ. I *just* needed full Xcode to compile stupid fuse-ext2 and now I've to wait half a day πŸ˜’

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