Hey peeps, do you know any selfhosted audio-only WebRTC app?
Like Jitsi or Nextcloud talk, but without video support? (No, disabling the video on the client/browser does not count)

#StarTrekDiscovery SPOILER 🇩🇪 

Bin jetzt durch mit der zweiten Staffel und bin langsam genervt wie häufig Charakter wieder leben, die eigentlich tot waren. Drei fucking Mal schon…

Das ist ja fast so schlimm wie Doctor Who unter RTD.

I’m quite happy with the result, as I have never applied nail polish before. Definitely need more practice. 💅

Sadly I have to remove it before work tomorrow, as our hygiene standards don’t allow it (food processing company).

(Also: it’s weird to photograph my hand/nails. I don’t like it 🙈)

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Gosh I think I prefer the Google Recaptcha that asks me for bikes and buses in the pictures

I bought myself some blue nail polish 💅 today. I have never used any before, so I will look up YouTube tutorials later 🙈.

FYI: if you enable Telegrams "People Nearby" feature, your location can probably be precisely triangulated. The developers don't see this as a problem and don't intend to fix it.


Trump Twitter Ban 

I still can’t grasp that I‘ll never again hear the words: „… said Donald Trump on Twitter.“

USA - Washington DC 

To semi-quote the 45th president:
„If you are white, they let you do it“ 🇺🇸🔥

Wo kann man #PLA in Deutschland/Europa recyceln lassen? Ich zahle gerne (etwas) Geld dafür.

#3ddruck #3ddrucker #ultimaker #prusa

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