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Many of you already do it but we want to ask and urge everyone on and of course on other instances to add a CW (corona or covid19) to *all* toots in a relation with the corona virus pandemic. Additionally adding the hashtag is also a good idea to filter the toots.

The topic is important but there are a lot of people that are for example in a risk group and really don't want to hear every bad joke or every new headline. Help them and be a nice citizen of this instance.

Also: might reduce a very minor amount of CO2 emissions

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Idea: replace all 70km/h speed limit signs with 69km/h signs
Disadvantage: a lot of work
Advantage: Nice

Took my xkcd book to work - maybe it will help me through the day.

5 Centimeters per Second - no spoiler but reaction 

I have just watched „5 Centimeters per Second“ and now I lie with a few tears in my eyes in my pitch-dark living room 😢💔

@JPEG Feature request: If a toot has only one picture attached, the area next to the photo (yellow boxes) should be tap-able (open the toots detail-view). Right now the area is just dead and it feels strange having this much “lost”.

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