@janbeta Thanks for this one, looks like exactly the stack I need, haha. I have a nice condition early revision A500 and I really want to keep it as close to stock as I can, but I'm always very jealous of some of the cool upgrades out there.

Looks like the absolute best of both worlds here, if I can just unplug and go back to stock!

@janbeta I think I have a rev 5 board. Do you know what I have to do to get the 7MHz to the expansion board? It seems the rev 5 don't have the jumper near the edge connector.

@root42 I think the Rev 5 should work out of the box. Haven’t tried myself yet but it seems the 7MHz are already present on the expansion port on that model.

@janbeta That would be neat. The github repo is a bit silent about that. They only mention you need to run a wire. I will ask in the Discord chat...

@janbeta Ok, I found an image in this CPU relocator project. It seems rev5 do NOT have the clock on the expansion port: github.com/KaiEmilW/A500-Side-

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