Missing feature on GitHub: a anti-star / downvote button. Need it for @ambv/black.

@SevenOfNein Because it sucks ass. It's the most ugly interpretation of something deserving to be called a coding *style*, and overall just horrible.

@janw any particular examples? I've just started using it on one of my side projects and found it quite resonable so far.

I do not like how it handles line wraps by just indenting one "tab" instead of lining up all arguments starting in the same column. So this is not at all pretty and hard to read.

Of course this is a bit subjective but I think code formatting that emphasizes the structure of the AST is objectively better for the reader.


@holger If Black would at least indent by tabs! And yes, I know PEP8 says spaces. But, indenting by spaces is just plain wrong!

@marix @holger hehe I'm of the opposite opinion 😉 but that just shows that people need configurations

@SevenOfNein @marix

Another weird choice of black is that of putting spaces around colons for slicing: `ham[1 + 1 ::]`

@marix @SevenOfNein overall I think black misuses PEP8 as a normative reference when PEP8 is more a recommendation / idea collection.

For comparison I do think that rustfmt makes much better choices for an automation tool without too many configuration options. I think it was designed that way.

@SevenOfNein @marix @holger I didn’t know there *were* Python devs that use tabs. 😳

@flowfx @SevenOfNein @marix @holger I used tabs until pep8 told me not to. I always listen to authorities.

@marix well, I would also prefer curly braces over a whitespace-sensitive grammar.

@janw I feel you. But: at least it is some consistent style. Especially when you join a project with no style at all (no pep8, flakes, I sort, whatever). I used black in the past to get some style and then implement a "better" one together with the developers.

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