I finally managed to tame Pi-hole to not block like … all the traffic. IMHO the default blocklists after setup are just way overkill, and ruin many frequently visited sites for me.

@janw failing close is kind-of acceptable for a filtering appliance though

@oliof Sure, I just thing from a UX standpoint it's bad the way pi-hole handles it rn. The onboarding / readme should include explanations to what the included lists want to achieve etc.

@janw can you publish your selection of lists (with a short comment what it does and why you selected it)? Perhaps you can even contribute this to the PiHole documentation 😍

@skyr @janw Yes, very interesting question. As a long time user of Pi-hole I never missed something.

@skyr That’s a great idea. Will do on the weekend, and ping you. :)

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