But hey, know someone looking for a Python software engineer in Berlin, preferably remote-first even after the pandemic? Please send them my way. 💜

Spent the last couple of days completing a homework assignment for a potential job opening. Doing that next to a regular 40h work week is just super exhausting. Going to sleep now I feel like

@janw wie hätten leider nur Hamburg oder Karlsruhe. Wenn auch bis auf weiteres natürlich 100% remote.

@marix Schade. Aber trotzdem danke, auch für den Boost!

@janw society has made it expensive to get rid of workers who don't work, and by extension, expensive to hire workers who do. It'd be great if someone would do something about that.

@colby You’re not wrong there. Unfortunately making it easier to get rid of those who don’t work also makes it easier to get rid of those who do, say when that’s cheaper.

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