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This gave me an idea about the remnants of M$ on my system after removing Microsoft Office from my Mac:

$ sudo find ~/Library /Library -iname '*microsoft*' -type d \! -iname "*hockeyapp*" -print 2>/dev/null

(To just delete the whole bunch, add `-delete` after the `-print`)

Ticket für die nächste Lage Live in Berlin. ✔️

Ich wusste doch, dass diese Stadt für was gut ist. 🙊

Jeden Morgen werde ich im Spiegel daran erinnert, sehr bald einen neuen Friseur zu brauchen. Eine Horrorvorstellung.

Missing feature on GitHub: a anti-star / downvote button. Need it for @ambv/black.

New album to be released March 15. Yayoo 🎉

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Dear people with anxiety... 

Heute nochmal Backtag. Diesmal: Dinkel-Roggenmischbrot. 😎

Kalte Pizza zum Frühstück. Aww yiss.

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Einfach mal die Webseite vom nahegelegenen Hackspace auf GitHub fixen. Weil Open-Source. <3

Also: I’m getting real sleepy 😴

I just ate lunch in a beanbag chair and suddenly I feel very hipster-startuppy. 🧐

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So people. After all the clear signals of the past how many more do we need until we ditch Chrome as the browser du jour?

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