I'm tooooo bored. Anyone who have linux installed wanna find&play some open source game with me?


The state is our enemy, isn't? Why we should give up our's right of owning weapon while our enemy have ton of weapon that they will never give up.

在FreeBSD下有什么比较好的bypass firewall解决方案吗,我想试着一周只用BSDs进行所有我需要完成的工作,甚至进行gamming,但第一个问题就难到我了,我之前在Linux下主要使用v2ray+wireguard的方案,很显然,在FreeBSD下基于Linux内核的wireguard不是个很好的选择,在FreeBSD也没有比较好用的拥有GUI的v2ray客户端,命令行下的v2ray不是很好用,比如切换节点/更新订阅等,我也没玩明白v2ray。很好奇其他BSDs用户是如何解决翻墙这一问题的

Firefox has a bunch of bugs and often stutters, and its trademark is proprietary. Obviously, Firefox doesn't respect users either. But I can't urge others to uninstall Firefox and migrate to other browsers because all the browsers that are in vogue these days suck. If possible, I think we should create a new browser that belongs to ourselves, the users, and which is maintained by the community, open, secure, and user friendly.

Once you choice language as Simplified Chinese(China) on mozilla.org, it will bring you to firefox.com.cn/ to download a china version of Firefox which include ton of spyware.

Besides, Firefox will recommend ton of malicious link when you first time open Firefox using China IP

When I try to try to install ublock to block malicious link for my Firefox with my China IP address, it show me ublock is not available in my region. I asked some of my friends to test about this, this turn on their screen too while using China IP address. But this warning page disappeared once I connect to my VPN and my IP address changed to Germany. Apparently, Firefox raped Chinese users for the profit while it is a "nonprofit" organization

I just received my new HDD, Considering which file system should I use. ext4 loses out to other fs in almost every way, XFS is fine, but not support shrink which I need use. btrfs is basically copied according to ZFS, but it is not as good as ZFS in all aspects. ZFS is my favorite FS, but since Linus Torvalds doesn't like ZFS, the compatibility of ZFS under Linux is not as good as that of BSD, and many tools do not support ZFS. Which would you use?

I don't know what's going to happen to this poor city, maybe some bureaucracy will come to visit.

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How's going on, there are more and more cops here. Starting from 1 Aug the government stopped all gatherings, in fact they even forbid anyone to stand on the street for a long time or set up a stall in the street and in the park, more and more police patrol the streets. Today, the police have filled every street and alley in the city, and there will be a police officer every 50 meters. And there are many military vehicles starting with white SZ on the street.

Anyone use chaos VPN? I need manage some device under NAT recently and Chaos VPN looks like a cool thing. But seems I need a sponsor to staring using it.


“The scattered runs on small banks in central Chinese towns are not singular events but the precursor of a nationwide reshuffle of small and medium-sized banks,” writes @ZongyuanZoeLiu

Original tweet : twitter.com/ForeignPolicy/stat

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