I rather prefer do not take any rest than ate by mosquito. Feel free to send me email or call me if you have any way killing these stupid life as I'm a radical anti-mosquitolist.

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Despite our plans for a gradual transition, FSF staff and GNU volunteers are no longer in control of the #fsf and #gnu channels on the Freenode network. Please find us at libera.chat instead.

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Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remembers it.

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Really wanna escape from these personal things. Anyway, let me back to my TODOs, I have learn more about gitlab CI, I'll fix frcsm.de next week once I could touch my computer. Also, it's time to deploy a mastodon instance and a gitlab server. Contact me if you want cooperate with this. I may could participate in next large C3 event and BLUG this summer. You could found me there. I really wanna somebody could stay with me when I feel bad and made me break the habit of acting alone.

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

How the Perpetrator of sexual harassment feels so natural in public in school! I swear I'll kick your ass next time I see you harass girls!

This damn dying feeling, how I want to get enough rest when I feel sick, it would better if I could get 1more cup of ice water with somebody could stay with me. But it's impossible. How ironic this is

Now....time for tear of these dirty Windows sticker on your computer

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Got tired of waiting to select which OS to boot, so I made a physical switch

Well...10+ spam per sec??? I have to sign off my jabber account now... Anyone know some good solution?

I think it is necessary for me to find a way to improve my sleep quality in a short time.

On the way back home, it's really kinda relax live without work. Although I still have lots things to do.

Freedom TV, looks nice, it's time for throw your android TV, looking for some cheap (but good) hardware device to run this?

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