@Gargron I think this alarm about being the end of the free internet is exaggerated. Only bigger platforms (so basically YT and FB) are concerned in the first place. And they already have in place, don't they? Moreover YT is licensing content anyway.

Smaller self hosted blogs, sites are not affected at all. So is Github and Wikipedia, even Wikimedia.

I'm not happy with the but I neither see the end of the free internet.

@johmue @Gargron One question, did the law exclusively mention Google and Facebook? Otherwise all platforms in the EU are affected AFAIK, and that means small platforms in the EU will have to implement it. And you tell me how much does that infrastructures cost.

@proxeus @Gargron Small platforms are explicitly not affected.

@johmue @Gargron I don't understand what's the point on this law then, is people not going to pass copyrighted stuff over smaller platforms because...? :think_bread:

Can you point me to where you're seeing that small platforms are excluded from the law? Everything I'm reading is saying that the whole problem is with small platforms, since they will have a disproportionally difficult time implementing the automatic filters.

I do see references to specific exemptions for things like encyclopedias, but nothing about exemptions for small sites or platforms.

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